Dec 30, 2022
  • TNT Run is an event found on EMC's Games Server (/games) and is found on the staff hosted side of the server's Funland lobby.

    The event was previously hosted on one of the special 124x124 Residences on SMP3, accessed with /v tntrun.


    The rounds take place on a layer of sand, gravel, and concrete powder above a layer of TNT. During a round, the TNT lights underneath all of the players wherever they go, causing it to quickly fall and create holes. The winner is simply the last player standing at the End of the round.

    Prizes and Donations(top)

    Prizes are determined by the staff member who is hosting the event. Donations are also accepted, but it is best that they are sent either to the host or directly to the winner, as this event currently has no donation chests.

    EMC's /games is a server full of mini-games. It is also host to Staff events.