Chickeneer Invader

Jan 16, 2023
Chickeneer Invader
  • Chickeneer Invader
    Game type: Misc mini-game
    Launch: August 4th, 2017 (Games Server launch)
    Staff hosted: No
    Players required: 2
    Victory/length: Maintain at least one life for 3 minutes
    Items/kit supplied: Yes
    Note: this game is temporarily closed due to complications with Minecraft version upgrades.

    Chickeneer Invader is a Games Server (/games) mini-game found in the Funland world (accessed through the main lobby or /v Funland in another lobby). It involves using a bow and arrows to shoot falling chickens as they spawn, stopping them from overrunning you. Each time a chicken hits the ground you lose a life. You start with five lives. To win, you must last three minutes with at least one life left.

    This game is named after EMC's Lead Developer, Chickeneer.

    EMC's /games is a server full of mini-games. It is also host to Staff events.