Nov 30, 2020
  • Firefloor is an event found on EMC's Games Server (/games) and is found through the portal in the server's main lobby. Unlike other events that test players' skills, FireFloor heavily relies on luck and chance.

    The event was previously hosted on one of the special 124x124 Residences on SMP4, accessed with /v firefloor.


    The rounds take place on a layer of sand, gravel, and concrete powder above a layer of leaves. During a round, the leaves underneath are randomly lit on fire, causing parts of the floor above to begin to fall. The winner is simply the last player standing at the End of the round. If there is a tie, a faster round of Firefloor is played with only those who tied.

    When the last player standing is found, and if the player is also left on the last block standing, then that player is awarded the special Orange Krysyy Head prize.

    Round Types(top)

    There have been many different variations of the regular round format that have been tried and tested since FireFloor's creation, including maze versions, but the round types currently in use are:
    • Single Floor
    The regular version is used the most often. It consists of just one floor, as described above.
    • Multi Floor
    The arena is edited to include two layers or more of a floor instead of the usual one floor. Lower layers only start burning once enough people have fallen onto them.

    Prizes and donations(top)

    The prizes won in each round can vary heavily from rupee prizes to beacons and to other special items, which are usually donated by the players participating or the staff members hosting the event.

    An Orange Krysyyjane Head is also awarded to players for winning while on the last block standing.

    There is a donation room in the Games Server location of the event. It lets players access their Vault and drop in items that will be awarded to whoever wins.

    Community Made Floors(top)

    The Community is able to submit floor design ideas that staff members can use. To submit a design go to the following link. For more information, visit the page here.


    A consistent time when the event is held is as follows:
    • MoreMoople's Firefloor - Every Friday at 10:30 P.M. EMC Time
    Other staff members might hold unexpected events, which are announced in an Empire-wide broadcast, and could be added to the Event Hub.

    Take part in events on EMC, host one yourself or visit a special Empire residence.

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