Design a Firefloor!

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  1. Design a Firefloor!
    We did this a while back and it's time to do so again!
    For players who attend Firefloor, or even if you don't and you just feel creative, we're giving you the chance to make a floor design for staff to use at Firefloor events. Each floor designer will be announced when the floor is used. The floor uses sand, red sand, gravel, and any concrete powder.

    Be creative. It doesn't have to be great to be used. We just want to mix up the design use and I've had players say they had some great ideas. Now's the chance to submit!

    How do I submit?
    Fill out the form below!

    When will my floor be used?
    If built on EMC, it could be as early as TODAY or next week's event.
    If a download, it will take a little longer because it has to be moved into EMC.

    Submission form:
    • Designs should be no MORE than 78 x 78 and SOLID (no holes)
    • Designs smaller than 78 x 78 are allowed, but you should indicate a block to use as the background.
    • All designs must be EMC appropriate. If you can build it on EMC, it should be fine.
    How to submit:
    • If a private world build - Use a website like Google Drive or MediaFire - both allow you to upload and share files for free. Once you upload a schematic or world file, just paste the download link into the form.
    • If on EMC - include location info in the form, specifics are appreciated.
  2. I like the idea.
  3. Glad this is back :)
  4. Oooo what a fabulous thing to see return! So many possibilities with all the colours of concrete powder :D
  5. Ha ha! I love the smell of ashes in the morning! Count me in
  6. Gonna have to submit something for this... you'd never guess what it's gonna be :)
  7. I'll submit one, and before you ask... Not train related ;)
  8. A homage to the Great MrSocks?
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  9. Canadian Bacon again? :)
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  10. I think I have that one saved
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  11. Awesome :) I really enjoyed creating a floor a while back. Maybe something with Eggos this time? ;)
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  12. A purely vane attempt...

    Yes, I did submit this but would much prefer other player designs get used long before mine does. I did it more for the lol's and cause it is my trademark per se.
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  13. Love it!
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    can i resend designs i already built and used while jd was around? i never saw my floors used cuz i was always offline when my floors were used
  15. Sure
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  16. Obviously any sand or concrete is allowed, but are we allowed to use gravel, anvils, or dragon eggs? Theyre gravity blocks so they would work, but its a question of if they will cause any issues, specifically the anvils or eggs.
  17. :)
    Those are the blocks Krysyy listed that can be used.
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  18. Oh hey I dont know how to read, whoops. Ty.
  19. Finally got around to submitting something of a tribute.

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