Mob Arena

Dec 7, 2015
Mob Arena
  • The Mob Arena is situated on a special 124x124 residence on SMP5, which can be accessed by using the command /mobarena on any server. Here players can take part in events designed to pit their fighting and survivability skills against an onslaught of mobs in a dynamic hostile environment. There are two fighting floors. Each fighting floor has the ability to transfer dropped items to the winner's chest area. There is also a parkour, located near the chests. It is an extremely hard challenge, with an unknown prize at the End of it.

    The Main Arena(top)

    In the main arena, regular mobs (along with a few EMC bosses and enraged mobs) are spawned on the players. The main arena floor is in the middle of the main building. It is surrounded by glass to allow easy viewing for spectators. Access is via opening on the ground floor which are closed off during an event. Directly above the main arena floor is the Birds-Eye spectator area. The Control Room is above the spectator area, and it's where staff are able to spawn mobs into the main arena.

    Risks and Rounds(top)

    Once you die in the arena, you will drop all of your items, except soulbound items, which will go to the round winner, so it is advised to be careful with what you bring, as you probably will die. All the rounds only have one winner, the last player alive. Staff may hold different types of rounds, including:

    Normal Round(top)

    In this round, all types of mobs and bosses will be spawned, including EMC Custom Mobs and minibosses. You can bring anything you want.

    No Items, No Buffs round(top)

    In this round, less mobs are spawned, and you can't bring any items to the arena. Hunger regeneration is turned off, which makes this round require a lot more strategy than combat skills.

    Zombie Maze round(top)

    In this round, after players are inside the arena, glass is randomly spawned in, creating a maze. Once that is done, zombies are spawned on top of the arena then dropped in. Players must then survive and the last one alive wins. No items allowed.

    The Boss Arena(top)

    The boss arena floor is underground. Access is via the teleport pad near the entrance to the mob arena plot, then another teleport pad located in the corners of the spectator area takes you to the fighting floor. In this arena, lots of bosses and minibosses will be spawned, such as Withers and Marlixes. There is no control room for the Boss Arena as boss mobs require manual spawning.


    The winner of Mob Arena is awarded everything that's dropped in the arena, including players' armor and mob drops (some mob drops, such as mini-boss drops and Nether stars, are disabled). Winners of both the Items and No-Items rounds will usually receive Tokens.

    In special Mob Arena rounds, victors can win a special prize, such as the Arena Blade or Arena Longbow.


    Currently, planned mob arenas are held at the following times:
    • Tuesday Night Mob Arena - Every Tuesday at varying times. Check the Events Calendar for planned events.
    • Rainbow's Mob Arena - Every Saturday at 4PM EMC Time
    The above events are the planned Mob Arenas, but other staff members still hold unexpected Arenas which are announced in an Empire-Wide broadcast.

    Take part in events on EMC, host one yourself or visit a special Empire residence.

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