Mob Arena

Jul 29, 2022
Mob Arena
  • In the Mob Arena, players can take part in Staff-hosted events designed to pit their fighting and surviving skills against an onslaught of mobs in a dynamic, hostile environment. There are two arenas; each has the ability to transfer dropped items to the winner's chest area. Mob Arena is found on EMC's Games Server, which can be accessed by using the command /games on any server and then typing /v mobarena or going through the portal in the main lobby.

    There is also Parkour, which is located in the southeast corner of the world. It is an extremely hard Parkour course with an unknown prize at the End of it.

    The Mob Arena/Boss Arena world lets you access your Vault accessible, meaning you can transfer items from your SMP inventory to survive longer (if those items are allowed).

    The Mob Arena was first envisioned by Maxarias in September 2012, making it one of the longest-running events held on Empire Minecraft. The design of the Arena itself has transformed multiple times since then, with a place at /v mobarena on SMP5 until it was moved to the Games Server (see the Staff Event Locations page).

    The Main Arena(top)

    In the Main Arena, regular mobs (along with a few EMC bosses and Enraged Mobs) are spawned on the players. The main arena floor is in the middle of the main building. It is surrounded by transparent barrier blocks to allow easy viewing for spectators. Access to the arena is via teleports located on the corners of the arena, which are closed off during an event. The Control Room is above the arena, and it is where staff members are able to spawn mobs into the main arena.

    Normal round(top)

    In this round, all types of mobs and bosses will be spawned, including EMC's Custom Mobs and bosses. You can bring anything you want, but if you die, all of your items are lost.

    No items & no buffs round(top)

    In this round, fewer mobs are spawned, and you cannot bring any items into the arena. Hunger regeneration is turned off, which makes this round require a lot more strategy than just combat skills.

    Zombie maze round(top)

    In this round, after players are inside the arena, glass is randomly spawned in, creating a maze. Once that is done, zombies are spawned on top of the arena, and then they fall into the maze. Players must then survive, and the last one alive wins. No items are allowed during these rounds.

    Keep items round(top)

    This round is the same as the Normal round, with one exception: items are not lost upon death, and instead, you keep all items you bring into the arena, even if you do not win the round.

    The Boss Arena(top)

    The Boss Arena floor is found opposite the Main Arena. In this arena, lots of bosses and bosses will be spawned, such as Withers, Momentuses, and Marlixes. There is no control room for the boss arena, so boss mobs require manual spawning.

    Risks and rounds(top)

    Once you die in the arena, you will drop all of your items, except for your soulbound items. The dropped items will go to the round winner, so it is advised to be careful with what you bring, as you are likely to die. All of the rounds only have one winner: the last player alive. Staff members may hold different types of rounds, including those outlined above.


    The winner of the Mob Arena round is awarded everything that is dropped in the arena, including players' armor and mob drops (some mob drops, such as boss drops and Nether stars, are disabled). Winners of both the Items and No-Items rounds will usually receive Tokens.

    In special Mob Arena rounds, victors can sometimes win a special prize, such as the Arena Blade or the Arena Longbow.


    You can view the Event Hub to view scheduled Mob Arena hosts, dates and times.

    The above events are the planned Mob Arena events, but other staff members may still hold unexpected events, which are announced in in-game Chat broadcasts.

    EMC's /games is a server full of mini-games. It is also host to Staff events.

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