Mob Arena!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Maxarias, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Head on down to SMP 5 and have yourself a little bit of some mob killing fun!

    Will be held at 11:00 pm EST, which is approx 30 minutes from now.

    The Mob Arena is a place set up outside of SMP 5's /wild

    Winner gets everyone else's stuff, and 5 diamonds! :D
  2. *And all mob drops:D
  3. Max, I've also noticed that your senior staff! Congrats!
  4. Thanks. :)
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  5. Congrats on Senior Staff. I remember it was just yesterday you kicked me the 2nd on EMC..... :p good times... I'll be there soon! :3
  6. Curse this Bad Weather can't get on lol hope everyone has fun
  7. Yay! Now there are 4 of you!:):):) Mega-congrats:)
  8. 5 :D, congratz maxarias
  9. Those pigman are evil they took me through an entire suit of prot IV armor.
  10. All of the screenshots that I could manage of the first event.
    Also, congrats to albinoploarbear1 for winning! :)

    2012-09-17_04.02.16.png 2012-09-17_04.02.20.png 2012-09-17_04.02.21.png 2012-09-17_04.02.23.png 2012-09-17_04.02.27.png 2012-09-17_04.02.29.png 2012-09-17_04.02.31.png 2012-09-17_04.02.32.png 2012-09-17_04.02.34.png 2012-09-17_04.02.35.png 2012-09-17_04.02.52.png 2012-09-17_04.02.56.png 2012-09-17_04.02.57.png 2012-09-17_04.03.05.png 2012-09-17_04.03.07.png 2012-09-17_04.03.09.png 2012-09-17_04.03.10.png 2012-09-17_04.03.13.png 2012-09-17_04.05.59.png 2012-09-17_04.06.03.png
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  11. And the second event, with Zabriel winning this time! :)

    2012-09-17_04.50.53.png 2012-09-17_04.50.55.png 2012-09-17_04.50.57.png 2012-09-17_04.51.54.png 2012-09-17_04.51.57.png 2012-09-17_04.52.43.png 2012-09-17_04.52.46.png 2012-09-17_04.55.23.png 2012-09-17_04.57.53.png 2012-09-17_04.59.29.png 2012-09-17_04.59.44.png 2012-09-17_04.59.47.png 2012-09-17_05.04.33.png 2012-09-17_05.04.36.png 2012-09-17_05.04.39.png 2012-09-17_05.06.37.png 2012-09-17_05.06.41.png 2012-09-17_05.06.43.png 2012-09-17_05.07.00.png
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  12. I hope another one will be hosted soon at a time I can come. :)
  13. Congrats Max, do you have creative now?
  14. That was a lot of fun. Thanks EMC for being so awesome!
  15. Is there going to be another one I keep missing it!
  16. Haha! This event was so much fun! I went in the arena only having enchanted armor and weaponry. I should have drank some potions right before it started and should have had some in my inventory...

    Will this be a once a week occurrence or will the arena bout happen everyday!? Anyway, keep up the good work EMC! I can't wait for the dragon hunt!

    Mob Arena
    2012-09-16_22.54.39.png 2012-09-16_22.57.57.png 2012-09-16_23.01.04.png 2012-09-16_23.01.22.png 2012-09-16_23.11.30.png
  17. Darn I missed it...

    Edit: I did notice that there was some tweaking done since the last one ;)

    ps I was still up there from the last one lol.