Empire Staff present New PvP arenas!

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  1. New PvP Arena Designs!
    We've changed up the old and added a lot of new!
    Check them out on smp6 /v pvp.

    Each arena has been built by an Empire Minecraft Staff Member and we plan to bring new designs every now and then to keep things fresh.

    Have fun!
  2. first

    edit: awesome! I'm first again!
  3. Nice job on the new Arenas :)
  4. Looks great! Happy New Year 2015 everyone! I've got to go to bed now. 0.0
  5. :) awesome! Even though I hate PvP.... :D
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  6. New designs look cool! I like the themes. I already miss the original green arena, though. That was my favorite and it always will be. :p Sniper heaven, it was.
  7. I'm glad I stayed up to see them! Theyre an awesome we change, I can't wait to kill more people c:
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  8. Looks AMAZING :)
  10. yay partay

    The original red arena is still my favorite arena so far.
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  11. Same . . .
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  12. Different . . .
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  13. The black one is my absolute sworn enemy! no wonder you bow-a-holics love it there. :p

    Anything involving knockback/punch at anything more than point-blank range was at a serious advantage in there.
  14. Hm, so these replace the old ones? I think I should get on to see if anyone's online to try them out!
  15. lolol, totally offtopic (hope you'll forvive me).. but.. why am I not surprised to see Elfinpineapple0 in the likes up there?

    Ha, ha, ha, this had me grin so badly ;)

    (and I have a hunch some of you PvP players out there can relate to my comment).

    Just in case; no offense obviously. Not making fun of anyone. Other than, perhaps, Elfin ;)

    (but in all good fun obviously, the only reason I dare making jokes like this) :)

    ....and the fact I don't play pvp.. errr; whoops... wrong chat :)
  16. Huh? I don't get why ElfinPineapple0 makes you grin.
  17. We have a bit of history together Math. :p
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  18. love the new pvp arenas
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  19. ok. :p