Member of the Month

Apr 17, 2019
Member of the Month
  • Member of the Month is an ongoing system that was created to recognize and thank members who exemplify positive and helpful traits on EMC's Website. It was announced on January 30th, 2018 in this thread.

    Process and prizes(top)

    Throughout each month, the Community Manager and the Empire Event Organizers consider who should be distinguished. Senior Staff may also be consulted if there are many contenders that month. At the start of each month, the winner(s) are announced.

    Winners are awarded a gold "Member of the Month" forum title, as shown below. The title is bestowed upon the player(s) for the month that they won. They are also gifted a Gold Supporter Voucher as a special thank you from Empire Minecraft.

    Previous winners(top)

    January 2018 - 607
    February 2018 - haastregt
    March 2018 - cTJx
    April 2018 - ShelLuser
    May 2018 - MoreMoople
    June 2018 - ThaKloned
    July 2018 - Tuqueque
    August 2018 - xSkitzie
    October 2018 - Joy_the_Miner
    December 2018 - Gaming_Comander
    February 2019 - MoreMoople
    March 2019 - Otus_Nigrum

    Terms and conditions(top)

    There are a few notes attached to the system, which allows it to operate effectively and to the greatest Community benefit:
    • Each member may only win once every calendar year. This means that if you win in March of one year, you'll have to wait until the next January to be eligible to win again.
    • To be considered for this award, you must be a registered member of the EMC forums.
    • Actions taken on confirmed alternate accounts will apply to the analysis of your consideration for the title.
    • The period of consideration is the month preceding the announcement.
    • The title will be set and the voucher mailed on the 1st of the month, subject to minor delays not to exceed the course of 3 days.
    • Empire Minecraft Staff Members are not eligible to receive the title of MOTM.
    • Empire Minecraft reserves the right to award multiple players the title of MOTM during a month if the need calls for it.
    • Empire Minecraft also reserves the right to revoke the title during the given month if the player demonstrates behavior classified concerning to the Empire Minecraft Staff, and that which does not validly uphold the values set forth in this contest.
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