February 2019 MOTM: MoreMoople

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  1. Congratulations to our February 2019 Member of the Month: MoreMoople

    MoreMoople is a staple of the forum community, with their skills in both text and art. Their upbeat and welcoming nature is the model for an ideal forum member and I know many players who have been positively affected by Moople's presence.

    This will be Moople's 2nd time being MOTM, with the first in May 2018. They continue to be an inspiring and friendly forum member since then. Congrats again MoreMoople!

    For more information regarding this recognition, please refer to the announcement thread here:
  2. Congrats Moops!!!
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  3. Congrats again!
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  4. Yay! Congratulations, Moople! :D <3
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  5. Yay! So happy you got MOTM again!

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  6. Oh wow, I didn't expect this at all, but I'm happy! Thank you, everyone! :)
  7. Yay moople!
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  8. Haha! Congratulations Moople! You were so good Moople MOTM Part 2 had to drop!!
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  9. Congratulation moops :D
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  10. Congratulations again! :D
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  11. Even MORE Moople!
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  12. Congratulations Moople!! :D
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  13. Congratz Moops! Your all so amazing! Glad to be ya friend.
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  14. Yay!! great choice as usual - grats!!
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  15. Congrats on getting member of the month again! :D
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  16. Congrats!
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  17. Well done Moople!

    Keep on a moopling the way you do best! ;)
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  18. Will she be motm for 3 months too? ;)

    Congrats again!
  19. congrats moops! :D
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  20. This is cool! I still remember when Moople won the title last year and just like then I once again think it's well deserved :)

    Congrats Moople!
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