Introducing: Member of the Month!

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  1. Hi all,
    The EMC forums are a special place to my heart, as well as many other staff and members of our great community. We've shared many years having discussions of all sorts across this website and keeping in touch with all of you. So it's only fitting that we find a way to honor those of you that go the extra mile in keeping this place going! :cool:

    Introducing: Member of the Month!

    This custom forum title will be assigned once a month to a player who exemplifies some/all of the qualifying traits. An EMC Member of the Month should be (in no particular order):

    During each month, Krysyy and the Empire Events Organizers will be taking note of the players that personify the above list on the Empire Minecraft website only! These members will then be vetted by Krysyy and a final choice will be decided on. Consultation from Senior Staff will be given if the competition is too close to call.

    Why doesn't the community vote?
    We'd love to have everyone vote, but at this time it's just not feasibly reliable. We used to run a contest once every 6 months that was very much like this one, except encompassing all of EMC and not just the forums. Most players voted for their alts, or their friends. Only a limited number of votes were genuinely based on the player's actions.
    As a result of this, no one ever actually obtained more than 10 or so votes overall, which resulted in a lot of ties and issues to sort out. Basically you have 150 votes for a total of 100 people.... For this event, we'd like to have it run once a month reliably and have the winners be considered not by who their friends are, but by their individual contributions to the EMC forums, as determined by a non-bias panel of people.

    What does this title look like?
    Same color as gold members, because the title comes with the gift of a gold supporter voucher!

    What happened to the monthly referral contests?
    Long story short, the data is broke and without data there is no way to accurately determine winners. Instead of dwelling on that, we're moving on and forward with this. We may bring those contest back once the data is back and reliable again.

    When does this start?
    It's already started and we will announce the MOTM in the next few days. Who is it? You'll just have to wait and find out!

    Terms and Conditions:
    To be considered for this award, you must be a registered member of the EMC forums. Actions taken on confirmed alternate accounts will apply to the analysis of your consideration for the title. The period of consideration is the month preceding the announcement.

    The MOTM will be granted a custom forum title for the duration of the following month after consideration, as well as one gold supporter voucher, delivered via in-game mail. Please note that this title will be awarded on the 1st of the month, subject to minor delays not to exceed the course of 3 days. A running list of all MOTMs will be added to the Empire Minecraft Wiki.

    Once awarded, each Member of the Month (MOTM) will not be eligible to win an additional month until the next calendar year. This means that if you are awarded July 2018 MOTM, you are not eligible for consideration again until January 2019. This action is to prevent monopolization of the title.

    Empire Minecraft Staff Members are not eligible to receive the title of MOTM.

    Empire Minecraft reserves the right to award multiple players the title of MOTM during a month, if the need calls for it. Empire Minecraft also reserves the right to revoke the title during the given month if the player demonstrates behavior classified concerning to the Empire Minecraft Staff, and that which does not validly uphold the values set forth in this contest.
  2. Oh?
    Interesting. :)
    We'll see how this plays out, I guess!
  3. I like the sound of this!
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  4. I always enjoy seeing events like this so that the players who go above and beyond get noticed. I think this will bring people out of their shell and have a positive effect on the community overall. :)

    Also out of curiosity, is this award replacing the Community Appreciation award?
  5. I was preparing to write an acceptance post but then noticed the term
    Empire Minecraft Staff Members are not eligible to receive the title of MOTM.
    shucks, anyone want a half written acceptance post?
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  6. Nicely explained Kryssy. There are a lot of members that fit all of the qualifying traits you listed. Good luck to all members of the forums.
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  7. Yes. At this time it is. We may bring that one back, but I need a better and more reliable judging aspect to it. January has been forum month in my focus, so I'll look into that more soon.
  8. Interesting...

    Personally, I wouldn't see all those things as nessesairly positive :p I wouldn't say being positive is always a good thing... I personally sometimes even see it as anoying. Same with thoughtful: I can see that people who think about every single thing and write essays about it (like me...) can be quite anyoing sometimes. I am currently trying to reduce the amount of essays I write, as I would say that writing out all the pros and cons on a topic sometimes is just not apropriate...
    Like here... :rolleyes:
  9. Thoughtful in this case means thinking of others, such as selflessness....

    Edit: Please note that the players that are being considered may not embody ALL of these traits.
  10. ooooo cool idea!!
  11. This is an excellent idea! I'm very excited to see members that truly help make this community extra-special recognized! =D
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  12. Love the concept, can't wait to see who is the first of many =)
  13. When I saw the list pop up, I was sceptical at first, but needlessly so. I think it's a list containing qualities that are all fine, and desirable. :)
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  14. So wait...where do we submit votes? Or...Or do we submit it to Krys privately....For some reason I had a hard time reading that.
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  15. Krysyy and the event organizers will be choosing, no community vote. SS may also be consulted =)
  16. We don't. ;)

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  17. It seems like I am able to make a discussion out of every thread... Uhmm, I'll just start working on my homework, that'll stop it for now... We can contignue about if being positive is a good think later in PM if you want to. :p (after Krysyy's explanation of what she means with thoughtful, that is the only one I would disargree with...)
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  18. Does this apply to just actions on the forums or actions on the servers too? I don’t want the rules to seem absure to anybody!
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  19. Awesome! Its pretty sweet that EMC does these appreciation things for the outstanding players in the community!
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  20. This is pretty cool :D
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