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  1. I've seen worse splits than this. It is just that some of us want to voice our opinions, because that is what the first amendment is about. There should be no debate, but there should still be putting our inputs forward so the system can improve.
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  2. Valid point. But at the same time, the large body of people who want others to receive recognition are unrepresented.
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  3. A very good point as well.
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  4. ill take it ill turn it in as my college app XD
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  5. I'm on the fence with this one. On one hand, I think it's a great idea because there are members of this community that do deserve recognition for their actions. On the other hand though, why not recognize all of them? I don't find it fair that only some get recognition and others don't.
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  6. Whats that???

  7. The following is not necessarily a staff endorsed response, just some of my thoughts.

    I think this is a good thing. With that being said, I hope that individuals do not EVER take it personally regarding who is selected. Who knows, maybe you have been noticed as a candidate for a future month! I also would not want anyone to change their behavior to try and 'earn' this recognition. In my opinion, this should not be seen as an incentive driven program. People should not feel like they have to "do something" to earn it; just be genuinely engaged in the Empire Minecraft community and help it thrive by being you! There are obviously more than 12 people on the forums, so it is not designed for everyone to be recognized.
    I know the original intention is to have a single person recognized each month, but my hope is that there will often be multiple deserving members, so that they cannot wait until the next month to recognize a secondary member. Their internal selection process and practices will most definitely morph over time, to what I hope is a wide variety of our forum community.

    The final thing I want to point out. That other membership recognition programs should not cease as a result of this. I know there has been the Good Samaritan reward (possibly others, excuse my empty-mindedness). If anything, they are just as important as ever. Who better to acknowledge your peers, than you?!
    A private thank you can also go a long way to show your appreciation to just about anyone. You never know how a simple acknowledgement, even without reward, can positively effect a person's life. That advice doesn't just apply to EMC either, everyone is experiencing a struggle. Be kind to others.
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  8. Yessss!! Way to go Krysyy! I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. Thanks so much EMC team!!! Love ya'll!!
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  9. This is a really neat concept, glad to see a change that influences good, positive vibes! :)
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  10. I'd like to go ahead and address the concerns noted by some members of the community thus far.

    There are pros and cons to every event, contest, and decision that we make. This is the expected response when you have players with multiple and variable opinions. Note that this is not a bad thing. It's perfectly fine if you don't think something is a good idea. It's not going to result in the removal of it, but you're also not going to be looked at any differently as a result.

    The ideal of this title is to recognize players on the forums that we feel really have a good grasp of forum participation and specifically being a role model of communication. As it's been said before, you won't receive this award by fake smiles and false agreements. I honestly don't care when you agree or disagree with staff. What matters is how you go about it and we'll be watching for this, as well as other characteristics. If more than one player is a clear winner, then we have multiple MotMs. My hope is that this is a constant occurrence.

    Yes, by giving this title some players may act a certain way to try to 'win', but is that really a bad thing? When players join, they take notice of how we already communicate with each other, and they build on that. If someone 'tries' to be nice and respectful where they may have been harsh before, over time they may just become respectful by default be because they'll see the impact it has. Imagine a forum where we didn't need to worry about flame wars writing because all disagreements were expressed respectfully. Wouldn't that just be the Utopia of websites?

    We were aware that this announcement may bother some players. After all, EVERY decision made on EMC is weighed with pros and cons before implementing. In this case, we believe that the pros outweigh the cons, so we went forward with implementation.
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  11. This seems interesting!

    And as usual, i'm super late to reading this :p
  12. I've never even met this first winner: "GreenKrysyy". Who is she and what has she done to deserve this?

    I smell a C O N S P I R A C Y.
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  13. I completely agree. In fact, you're right; that would be the Utopia of websites, and hopefully that'll happen everywhere one day, even though that is very very unlikely.

    I'm very late to express my opinion, but I think this is actually a good way for one or a few extremely honorable members who aren't staff or on any of the community teams to be temporary role models. I also agree that it's fair to only be able to win once a year; I'd even think it'd be OK if you could only ever win once.
  14. Awesome idea! Can't wait to see who's the first winner and good luck to all =) <3
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  15. Woah, very nice!
    Also, good luck to the involved staff on choosing these motm's. It sure wont be easy, as there are so many awesome,nice, helpfull and kind people here on the forums! :D
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  16. Sorry, but it was taken in reverse. I was stating sometimes stating your opinion may create ruffles which would eliminate people from being reviewed to win the award. I'm simply saying that "forum"' should be excluded from the ones that are used to determine the winner.

    Again, as I think ShelLuser did, you may be taking it differently. I just see the "edge" of those conversations tend to create a much more abrasive situation that upon viewing feels like a forum that should just be "excluded" from review. Not the people but say 607 is the most friendly, highest poster of the month with the best communications, answers and politeness, but also posts in multiple controversial threads and just the mere way those go it "eliminates you" from winning. While this isn't intended to be open season on being a horrible person, most aren't I feel those posts will always generate a negative impression upon review, especially if the reviewers don't agree with ones positions.

    Well put, though say JDHallows is a white liberal catholic (not sure what you are and not important, I just needed some point of reference) then even though you are looking for spirit, you likely are going to find more "spirit" in a post of someone you agree with than someone in opposition. Bias is much stronger in controversial conversations than in any other. However, I agree, though I'm sure like many or most I fall short from time to time, thinking, rethinking and being polite and respectful is the best way to approach anything, not just a post. You guys will decide if anything is ignored and how to determine spirit, I just wanted to toss out my thought.
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  17. I read nothing except for the OP's post. I like the newly developed appreciation that this could bring to the community. It'll make us better by making our environment more friendly and inviting. No-one wants to play a game or converse on the forums if all that'll do is bring about negativity into our lives. I see this as a step to a more pleasant and unified community. Much thanks to the all those that will help us become a even better community.
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  18. Thank you. Thank you very much for this post.
    It is amazing. :)
    At the beginning and at the end, you've got a mistake, though: in the second sentence it says Anyone hear instead of Anyone here, and in the last sentence it says it took me very wrong instead of it took me very long. :)
    Thank you though, for investing your time into this! You are being...
    Hey! :p ;)
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  19. I am sure the second paragraph here is a joke, but I hope the first one is too? :p
    There are people with different views, and people (as far as I can see, mostly Shell and I) supporting both. But that's normal, right? That usually happens when decisions are made.
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  20. I understood your post, even though my answer might not have made it seem like that. :)
    Thanks for expressing your concern, but I think that even if one of the staff members would be influenced by this, it would get evened out by the rest of staff. And Krysyy is surely experienced enough to not make these things count in her considerations. :)