Introducing: Member of the Month!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. On the forums, it is mentioned clearly. :)
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  2. I love it!
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  3. Sounds very cool, I'm exited to see who got it this month!
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  4. Loved this idea when it was first explained, and I am super excited! It will be a ton of fun to be a part of choosing the Member of the Month!

    (Btw, until Krysyy gave the acronym 'MotM,' I was using 'MoM' which I thought was oddly ironic...)

    Discussions and questions are a good thing, and represent a healthy community, so it doesn't bother me to talk about it.

    As for the word list: they are just a list of traits that, in general, are good things to have as a person. Of course, everything is best in moderation, meaning you can have too much of a good thing. But just because there is too much of it, doesn't mean the thing itself isn't good anymore. (For example, if you eat too many cookies, you will get sick. But that doesn't mean that cookies aren't good anymore.)

    Same thing with the traits: think of them as a general list of traits that we are looking for. We don't have scorecards sitting somewhere to rate everyone's positivity on a scale of 1 to 5 for the month. If you are somebody whose intention is to be a benefit to the community on EMC, then you may at some point earn the MotM. We aren't looking for people who can act nice and good in order to win the award. We are looking for genuine players who really want to see the community on EMC grow.
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  5. I think this is great! I wish some of the player run ones were able to gain more momentum and also be around still but the staff is a pretty good judge of people and I think pretty fair in all. I did have one question to ask as I many times post in the controversial section of the forum? I feel those should be excluded from this. Not that I think it is okay to bash or other negatives that are in the list of reviewed traits, but some of those topics are so polar that by nature seem negative. It would create hard to judge things when conversing about more intense topics some times things are pushed a little further. In the end, I believe there is mutual respect of people while not have shared views but it doesn't always read that way or is wrapped up in later posts and even pms.
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  6. Interesting idea... I like where EMC is going with this
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  7. We shall now spread joy, happiness, and positivity!!!

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  8. How is that ironic? :p Also, the rest of your post makes me feel quite happy about this idea! :D

    Interesting. But why should posts posted in the Controversial section not be able to make staff think "This is a deserving candidate"? I think staff will look at the general attitude, and find multiple specific cases that illustrate that, and not go "Hm, this one post isn't positive... this candidate is disqualified.". :)
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  9. I guess you could say we will be judging the 'spirit' of the post, rather than the content. If the post is generally respectful and thoughtful, the views of the writer don't matter. You can still be in the middle of a heated discussion, and be respectful.

    For example, not calling people names or making personal attacks, like: "You must be stupid to like the color orange. It's such an ugly color, only idiots would like it."

    However, something like this would be much better: "Orange is honestly an ugly color. It clashes a lot with other colors, and is really difficult to use. A better color would be gray, it works well with a lot of different colors and styles." While you are disagreeing with a point of view, and your comment could be taken kind of negatively, it is still both respectful and thoughtful. Plus, orange is my favorite color, so while I may disagree with the statement, I won't hold that against the writer when deciding whether they deserve MotM.
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  10. Just that typically society has portrayed a "Mom" to be somebody who possesses a lot of the listed traits, so calling the Member of the Month 'MoM' for short would have been a little strange in my mind :p

    And glad to hear you're happy with the idea! It will be even better once we have somebody with the forum title every month :D
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  11. excited to see who gets it first! wonder who the lucky person may be but certainly they deserve it for being the first one!
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  12. I super enjoy this. I think it will encourage positivity and kindness on the forums, and I truly believe kindness is contiguous.
  13. Hmm, you may not... jkjk

    I sincerely love this!! (y'all know how I feel about our community and spreading kindness) <3
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  14. It'll be fascinating to see how this plays out.
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  15. i don't like this but that's okay
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  16. Ive being doing this from day one =P
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  17. I would of put it that, "We don't want a Popularity Contest, we actually wanted to give awards to rightful members" Either way, it's a neat way of being a member here on EMC
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  18. hehe i'm never gonna be MOTM with those guidelines xD
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  19. Okay - I think I'll be that guy... I don't know how I feel about this.

    Anyone hear watch YouTube a lot? On YouTube I've seen a lot of people do this, "Okay guys, we're going to pick the comment of the week, and they'll get a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card!" And what I like about this one specifically (and this is something that differentiates this from the "YouTubers") is that you guys are recognizing nice behavior. It's not random, it's not recognizing who's the funniest, or the best looking, or whatever - But whoever is contributing and maintaining the Empire community, which is the best community I've ever seen. (It's not constantly spamming, just plain annoying, or mean)

    Also - this is on the forums... I really like that idea! I feel that if this was done on EMC itself - I mean, there's so many amazing people on EMC itself and you'd never be able to take in all the kindness. The other day, people were welcoming a new player, and the guy/girl/helicopter's like, "Are you guys robots?" And everyone said, "Nope." And they were really happy! The community's just so nice - There's so much kindness that goes unseen. Those mysterious people who built paths to the endcities and no one knows them... And - there's a lot of niceness that takes place in private messages that isn't seen. And I'm sure anyone reading this would agree that there are many kind people on EMC.

    Now here's the thing, only one person gets the award. That is great and all - But here's where I feel odd about the entire process. Oh, I also have to say this, THIS IS MY OPINION. I love how this place is run and it's not intended to put shade on the staff. But I feel odd about this. One person.

    Okay, let's check the fine print. Yadda, yadda... Oh, more than one person can be chosen?

    I'm re-reading the article, and it appears that basically, it's intended for only one player to get the MOTM- And I guess there can be more. But, let's stick with one right now because the entire article gives that impression. And I really love a lot of things, I love that the staff votes, not the community, and there's a lot that I agree with.

    Only one person can be chosen. Now, while this is limited to the forums that means it doesn't include people outside of forums, which makes sense that the prize might be a forum related title. Let's see who's choosing, "Krysyy and the Empire Event Organizers". EvilToade, Krysyy, and maybe some other staff. The people looking at the forums are judging the forums, makes sense.. And I understand that maybe not everyone might qualify for this - As although most are kind, not everyone goes up and beyond I suppose.

    But what is that definition, what is up and beyond? That's up for Krysyy to decide, and the people choosing the MOTM. And why are we doing this? "So it's only fitting that we find a way to honor those of you that go the extra mile in keeping this place going!"

    Now - Going up and beyond... on the FORUMS. Let's see. How do you go up and beyond on the Forums?
    It's not people who go onto threads and post pictures of public EMC charities, it's literally on the Forums! So these are people that are check the recently update profiles and telling that person who might suicide not to. Which is awesome.

    There are SO many people who are so nice on the forums! And you get a title if you win... I don't like that. Personally. There are so many nice people out there and with this they'll never be recognized. But- It's not about the nice people, it's about the people who go up and beyond, right?

    This is ONE person. Uno. And if two people are going out of their way to be nice, what happens? Maybe they both win? That'd be cool. But this is where people are decided who wins this. And I disagree with this methodology.

    This title isn't just cool, with a different color, it's a recognition, and it's publicly saying, "I'M REALLY NICE." :D And that's the staff deciding it. Now, let's say I have that title, I'm the first MOTM. When I reply to a thread, don't I just look a lot more... Official? Cool? And now I'm in a private message with you. If I have am MOTM and you aren't... Does that mean I'm nicer than you? And not to look like a total jerk right now - But when you evaluate niceness... It's tricky. And when you take two people and say, which one is nicer, the one that loses looks less nice. But, I suppose it's not on niceness, it's on those who go the extra mile!

    This is one of those things that I feel shouldn't be evaluated. When we have ONE final choice, we are going to have to decide between amazing people. And when you get that title, Member of the Month... How did you get it? For going UP AND BEYOND? And does that mean that everyone else without it didn't go up and beyond?

    "These members will then be vetted by Krysyy and a final choice will be decided on. Consultation from Senior Staff will be given if the competition is too close to call."

    If you give one person that title - I feel it doesn't make others people's things look as good. And with the Gold Voucher, it's something that's sought after. And I doubt that a lot of this will happen, but some of this will - Just because... You will get people being nice for this. The MOTM might provoke people into really showing off their niceness. And that's truly not a bad thing.

    But let's say I want to win MOTM, so I look around to be more nice (this doesn't mean that I'm not regularly nice, I'm just post more nice things- It's all off the FORUMS), I write a 3,000 word essay to someone telling them that they'll feel better and get through their sickness, and I don't win... My heart sinks. I'm not going to do that ever again. And would I have written a 3,000 word essay anyway? Maybe, maybe not! But currently, I can post, "I just had a really bad day." on my profile and I GUARANTEE I will get more than one reply giving me support. I don't think this will make mean people become nice, but it just might provoke nicer people to be way nicer. And when I write a 3,000 word essay supporting someone, does that mean I didn't deserve it? Did someone deserve it better? And if someone's nice to you and then you figure out it wasn't genuine... How does that feel...

    Whenever I'm on EMC, and I meet someone - Usually, someone with diamond I might take more seriously. If they spent that much money/time getting that blue username they probably play more, and thus, know more. But the diamond doesn't say anything else. I like meeting someone and telling if they would be a good friend or not.

    If I meet someone on the forums, and they have MOTM... It doesn't matter anymore, they're declared a good person - And I might feel the need to be extra nicer to get up to their level... I want to figure that stuff out about the person, because how I feel reality is: No person makes every other person happy.

    And if I'm not happy with the MOTM, what happens then?

    If I'm not happy with a regular player, I'll tell them, and if there's a serious problem I can ignore/block them.
    If I'm not happy with an iron player, I'll tell them, and if there's a serious problem I can ignore/block them.
    If I'm not happy with a gold player, I'll tell them, and if there's a serious problem I can ignore/block them.
    If I'm not happy with a diamond player, I'll tell them, and if there's a serious problem I can ignore/block them.
    If I'm not happy with a developer, I'll tell them, and if there's a serious problem I can ignore/block them.
    If I'm not happy with a staff, I'll tell them, and if there's a serious problem I can report them.
    If I'm not happy with a lead developer, I'll tell them, and if there's a serious problem I can quit EMC.

    But I am SO MUCH more unlikely to tell the "Member of the Month", someone who's declared nice, that I disagree with them, than another person. And I don't like that. I feel that a good reputation is something you have to earn, and honestly, I could write down 100 people on EMC from my head with good reputations. (So many people would deserve something like this) It's something that takes time, there isn't a player on EMC with a well know, good reputation that joined in 2018. This MOTM really speeds up that process... I just don't like the idea of Member of the Month in that sense...

    And 100 people with good reputations, you're going to leave people out. And it's not really about leaving people out, the recent MLK giveaway promoted so many good ideas and left out 75% of participants, yet that's cool. My problem is that because you're voting and stuff - It says, (in my (me, q1zx) opinion) that one person went more up and beyond than others. And this person gets a gold voucher and a name on a wiki page... And I'm not saying it's unfair, I just... If I play EMC for 3 years, and I am on the forums being nice, and I never get it... Does that mean I'm a bad person? No! But if I'm on the forums for 3 years, and I never get it, and I'm being nice... I can just imagine that sucky feeling in your gut, like you want it, but you can't come out and ask for it... And with the time it takes for every MOTM to come out... Only one every month out of so many amazing players... Some will be left behind. But that's just my opinion, I've been 100% happy with how EMC is run so far and wouldn't be surprised if this turns out a success. :p

    And it's not like, a small recognition. If it was like, Krysyy saying on her profile that certain people had shown some great character today, I think that'd be nice. But when they get their name on a wiki page, a voucher, and a bunch of publicity - Every time you try to get it and you don't... The loss takes your kindness... And it makes it feel insignificant. I think. I feel. This is MY OPINION. You don't have to agree with it.

    But - Although this will definitely give credit to someone who's worked very hard to bring positivity to the EMC community, but at what cost? LOL, it's like those cigarette videos... The REAL cost... But to win this would really make someone feel special, all the other stuff set aside... But... I feel it just isn't something that should be commemorated like that.

    Now, Martin Luther King Jr., we can celebrate him for sacrificing his life for Civil Rights! But when you have a constant award going out - Over and over... I feel like something better would be something that you get if you do something good. Like, if you are seen as going up and beyond you get a title, not something that's set in stone to happen each month. Then it's not you seeing someone who did something good and saying, "Hey, they deserve an award." When you have an award every month, you're looking for people that are nice... And then it's something that's bound to happen... Which makes it less special in a sense... Imagine a nobel peace prize was given every month...

    And I hope I'm not acting like I'm better than the EMC staff - Because I respect them for what they've made and I really hope to help them maintain it and learn from them.

    Also, it took me very wrong to write this, so if there's something contradictory, or not said right that needs clarification, or something that's just plain stupid - Feel free to tell me.
    *Also this is just my opinion, I don't expect MOTM to stop because of me - I'm intrigued on where it is going... Very intrigued...
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  20. This is a epic idea :D
    Hope to see how it turns out~<3
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