Introducing: Member of the Month!

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  1. This seems nice! Would be lovely to be find out who wins! :)
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  2. Hey, guys, why don't we stop complaining about this arbitrary, staff-hosted, luck influenced contest with voluntary participation and one winner and go play games? I suggest firefloor. An arbitrary, staff-hosted, luck influenced contest with voluntary participation and one winn... WAIT!
  3. It's not a contest. It's a way to represent a few people who absolutely excel in the EMC community as a whole.
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  4. It is 100% a contest.
  5. Lol. Meh. Hey, thanks for reading it, I spend a lot of time on it for the lolz. :p I shall try to fix typos in the future! :D
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  6. You are right. It's...A popularity contest.
  7. I think it is. Cuz i can name MANY who fit the criteria. Its what MAKES EMC; Nearly the ENTIRE community falls under those criterias, its why i love it here. So...If one gets picked and the others don't? Yeah, its a popularity contest. Who can get the Mod's attention the most for a gold star.
  8. Amen
  9. So then EVERYONE should get recodniztion...not ONE person. ONE person who stands over the rest is a pedistal = popularity even though EVERYONE partakes in those criterias.
  10. Honestly I don't see what problem people have with this post, are people going to be extra nice just for this reward? Yes. Is having more kind people on the forums good? Yes.
    Is rewarding players for doing nice stuff good? Yes.
    Maybe you could classify it as a popularity contest, maybe you could call it bias but regardless it's not like you're going to lose anything if staff don't give you member of the month. I think we should all just be appreciative of the great community we have here on EMC and this is a great way to reward those who strive towards aiding others.
  11. i dont get why people are so upset, you can just opt out if you dont want to participate, right?

    and of course its biased, theres people choosing the winner, but then agian staff picking is also biased. i didnt see anyone mention that. if you trust the staff team to pick other staff, why dont you trust them to be fair and pick a deserving winner?

    i want to wait and see how the first few people picked go before i have a final opinion,
    but if you like
    the way
    you think that much
    well bby you should go and love yourself!
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  12. I'd say give it 2 - 3 years and I'm sure many people (36 at least) will have gotten their share of recognition.

    Seriously though: why not give this the benefit of the doubt for now, and after 6 or so months look back and then comment about the things you (dis)liked? At least you'll know for sure at that time what this has all been about.
  13. Or better, just don't say anything at all if you don't have something nice to say.
  14. Public forum, public opinions allowed.
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  15. Telling people not to post on the forums? That's not very nice...
  16. LMAO
  17. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." -First Amendment
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  18. Thank goodness we are not Congress. What kind of nutjob would put in such overzealous restrictions on what the government can do. Makes it sound like the people running the country cannot be trusted. \s. (A joke).
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  19. Practically a month late to the party, but I like the idea and I'm curious to see where it goes. Not sure why a gold voucher and a digital pat on the back would ruffle so many jimmies, but I guess there'll always be a few of those. Nice first choice, by the way, very well-deserved ;)

    Not to get all political in here (this really doesn't need to be a Controversial Topic, after all), but the Bill of Rights applies only and exclusively to Government entities and has no bearing on private enterprises like EMC's forum.
    It's important to know your rights. It is even more important to know how and where they apply.
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