March 2019 MOTM: Otus_NigRum

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  1. Congratulations to our March 2019 Member of the Month: Otus_NigRum

    Otus_NigRum is a unique and spirited member of the Empire Minecraft forums. While they aren't one to post everything in a positive manner, their drive to inspire the community is one of the primary reasons they have been chosen for this title.

    Throughout the month of March in particular, Otus_NigRum actively inspired community interactions (and a bit of healthy competition). From their forum game New Nations, to their multiple seasons of EMC Hunger Games, Otus_NigRum has energy and passion for having fun on the forums and inspires members of the community to participate in ways they haven't before. We look forward to seeing what they do next!

    For more information regarding this recognition, please refer to the announcement thread here:
  2. Congrats my friend!
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  4. Congratulations!
  5. Well done my friend!!
  6. Otus!! Congratulations!!!

    I take it that my horrible slap bass was a "good luck" charm, yeah? Haha :D
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  7. Congrats, well done !!
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  8. Top 10 Plot Twists No One Saw Coming:
    #1 Otus gets MOTM

    Jk jk, congrats friend! My title for longest MOTM still stands! I'm proud of you Otus
  9. Congrats! :D
    Happy for ya bro
  10. Sometimes I think Krysyy does these things just to mess with our heads.

    Not to say it isn't deserved though. Gratz Otus!
  11. lul gg my buddy Otus-- thas me boii ;D

    i love this sentence-- new dank meme material :p
  12. She must have seen all the times he's roasted me and made fun of me and my partner in crime OP, or, in that aspect, pushed my buttons. I still appreciate you Otus BigBum XD
  13. i believe his name is oaty lol
  14. Congratulations, Otus :D
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  15. I'm completely shocked.

    I logged in, checked my alerts. Nothing unusual, then wafflecoffee posted on my status saying "Congrats!" I said, "Congrats for what?" I was genuinely confused, maybe it was because of my summer showcase auditions? But why not reply to that status post and instead make a brand new comment on my status? Until it hit me... Uh, what is that?


    ★Member of the Month★
    Distinguished Member, Male, from British Columbia, Canada

    Wait, look a bit closer...
    ★Member of the Month★

    I kid you not, I almost fell out of my chair, how COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?
    I'm at a complete shock, I'm so confused on why I would be the one to be given this. I ponder on what I have said in my past on these fourms, where I have said some things which I deeply regret and realized that weren't appropriate. I learned, but came to the realization that I would never become member of the month in my life time, a goal lost into the abyss.

    Guilt aside, from the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone for your kind messages, and thank you very much to Krysyy especially, I never knew this opportunity would come, and I'm incredibly happy, I could barely hold back a smile and laughter.

    What makes it even better is that my 1 year anniversary comes up on April the 21st in 4 days! Time has flown by, I learned many things, I've learned what it means to be a 'respectful' gent, and I've established friendships, connections all throughout. I don't want to keep talking about me though, thank you again to everyone, you do not realize how much it means to me, if this community wasn't so accepting I would have been long gone. Thank you to Krysyy, any others who decided to give this title to me, thank you to my friends, thank you to everyone who congratulated me, thank you to everyone I have met on this Empire, and well... Thank you so much, I love you all!

    This calls for Season 6 of the EMC Hunger games :)
  16. Congrats to ya Otus!:D
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  17. Well deserved Otus I know you definitely earned it :)