March 2019 MOTM: Otus_NigRum

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  1. Sweet I may have a chance then! Haha, congrats my rocker dude!
  2. Congrats, Otus! You've definitely earned it! :D
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  3. Oh Yeeee! Otus you've been a good, positive force as of late and I for one have really appreciated your inclusivity and enthusiasm.. not only for playing but for the people who make up our wide and diverse community. <3 Whoot!! =D
  4. Grats Otus, very well deserved mah man :)
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  5. Congrats Otus!
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  6. Wow, that's interesting!
    And very cool. :) Congrats, Otus!
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  7. Congratulations Otus! Very well deserved! :D
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  8. Congrats Otus_NigRum :)
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  9. the best part is when I get the recogintion for New Nations
    Feelsbadman, rip Alt and Warlord
  10. congratz mah dood! I knew krysyy would pick you!
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  11. Yeah, that's a little strange. :p Did you host an iteration of it?
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  12. I love this so much! Honestly, my friend, how dare you :eek:
    JK, I love this haha!
    Congrats Otus! :D Enjoy the title while it lasts >;D Mwahahahahaaa (evil laughs with intentions to steal it but still knows that I is not active lately ;-; :p )
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  13. Nope, not at all. Possibly because I've commented the most on it or something. It's funny because it's a niche fourm game, only a few players actually participate in it, but in that small group its literally massive
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  14. Good job Otus!
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  15. You know, the fact that you achieved this with out even trying demonstrates the positive attitude you have, this may not always be understood but clearly Your a creative person who likes to share the joy and Despite some possible negative post your more about positive experience. Your focus was on creating fun and EMC is all about fun and you naturally did this without even trying to gain or get player of the month.

    These are great natural attributes of your personality, keep up the good work.

    *****Well done on being appointed player of the month*****
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  16. Thank you so much, I really appreciate this post, it has opened my eyes on the situation alot :)
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  17. Wrong thread Yosh_Bosh haha
  18. Congrats Otus on the Member of the month! 😁 Nutty-Otus out!
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