October 2018 Member of the Month: Joy_the_Miner

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  1. Congratulations to our October 2018 Member of the Month: Joy_the_Miner

    Joy_the_Miner is the new name of a veteran player of EMC. Starting in October, they focused on creating a new and improved personality for themselves, and it shows! Joy_the_miner has become more and more active in the forum community. They are encouraging to all players and assist with server problem explanations when staff is not available. Their overall helpful nature is easy to gravitate towards, and they love to strike up a conversation with whomever wants to join in, about pretty much whatever.

    During the month of October especially, Joy_the_Miner's transformation and focus in EMC has shifted to becoming a model Empire player. This deserves recognition. Be sure to catch Joy_the_Miner on EMC's Discord if you are in the mood for a friendly chat.

    Congrats again Joy_the_Miner!

    For more information regarding this recognition, please refer to the announcement thread here:
    *Note: We decided not to have a September MOTM because no one stood out from the pack enough to bring our attention to them. This will hopefully be a limited occurrence in the future.
  2. Congrats to Joy!
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  3. A 6-er! Joy especially! YES PLEASE :D

  4. Congrats Joy_the_Miner
  5. Congrats on MotM Joy_the_Miner! :)
  6. *throws confetti into the air* Congratulations, Joy! :D
  7. Congratulations, Joy! A well deserved title!
  8. Very well deserved, Joy! :D Congratulations! it's been a pleasure seeing you around :)
  9. Congrats dude well deserved :)
  10. Congrats to Joy!
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  11. Who-hoo joy!
    Defenitly knew she'd be one of em'
    Well deserved, congrats!
  12. Joy to the world, a new MOTM has come... Congrats !!!!
  13. Grats :) Well deserved!
  14. Not a surprise. Joy is a great choice! Good job! Wish I had the dedication and love you express :p
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