Empire Minecraft News: January 2019

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  1. Empire Minecraft News: January 2019

    It's already halfway into January, but we wanted to go ahead and thank each and every one of you for helping to make 2018 spectacular. Here's to a terrific 2019 and looking forward to all that lies ahead on EMC.

    That being said, we're going to do something a little different this year. We're going to reveal more about what's going on behind the scenes with each monthly post in a section at the bottom titled 'News from the Future'. This will lead to longer news bulletin posts, but will hopefully serve to show you all where we are at with regards to plans on the horizon, etc that are NOT necessarily code-based and on the road map. Items/decisions are still subject to change, so please be aware that we aren't going to answer any community questions with these topics. We'll also still keep SOME things private because what's the fun in spoiling every surprise?

    So without further adieu, your first news post of 2019!

    Start 2019 with a Bang!
    New Years Empire Firework is available with /promo 2019 until January 20th! If you've been busy like we have, this is your extended chance to pick up our annual empire firework in celebration of the new year.

    It's 2019. Say Cheese!
    Our show yourself thread has been updated and is ready to display your wonderful smiling faces. Feel free to snap a picture and show off your new do, new look, or just a new smile for 2019.
    Thread: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/official-emc-show-yourself-thread-2019-edition.79198/

    Community Teams Need Members!
    Is your new years resolution to work on your honing your writing, build skills, or even your ability to create and edit videos? Join one of our community teams and work together with other like-minded players just like you. The desire to work towards improving your skills is an important part of being a team member on any of our teams.

    Writers: Join our Contribution Team to edit and keep the wiki up to date, as well as write and edit blog posts for Empire Minecraft. We're looking for players with a love of writing, and relatively good grammar/spelling skills. You don't have to be perfect, but you should be able to type relatively well.
    Apply: emc.gs/ContribApp

    Builders: Join our Build Team to work with and learn from other amazing builders while creating amazing masterpieces in a team setting. We're looking for players who have skills or potential in building LARGE scale, so this should be something you are familiar with.
    Apply: emc.gs/buildteamapp

    Streamers/Video Creators: Join our stream team to work with JackBiggin on creating and editing promotional videos, as well as event-minded streams. We're looking for players who have a ton of energy and know how to entertain.
    Apply: make a Minecraft video (preferably about the Empire) that addresses your skills (try and lean towards a showcase/feature highlight video rather than Let's Play video). Post it to your channel, and send a link to JackBiggin in a private message.

    In Need of More Staff!
    It's a fact of life that there comes a time when people have to move on. Some players you've seen move on and some staff too. Time marches on and we keep moving too, whether it's college, a new baby, or simply refocusing one's priorities. We're happy to see people grow in life, but we need players to fill in for the holes in our staff team. There are not a designated amount of spots or anything. We will take anyone whom we feel fits the mold of what we want staff to be: ACTIVE, Helpful, Kind, Motivated, Dedicated, Knowledgeable, Fair, and overall Friendly.

    Moderators are still able to participate in the economy, be a part of private outposts, and do pretty much anything a normal player does. However, they are given the tools to assist players and ensure everyone follows the rules, while promoting a healthy community atmosphere.

    If you feel that you meet the description above, please do not hesitate to apply: emc.gs/staffapp
    If you know of anyone who you think should be staff, tell us: emc.gs/suggeststaff

    Forum Member of the Month
    A big applause for Gaming_Comander who wins December 2018 forum member of the Month!
    The excitement they have on EMC is contagious, as they have worked to host various events and threads to keep community engagement high.

    Congratulate them on their profile. We're going to keep the announcements in the news from here on out to keep things simple and timely :)

    Make your Vote Count!
    We're starting a voting contest today that will end in March! You'll have a little over 8 weeks. Multiple tiers and multiple custom prizes are up for grabs. Check the thread to see more information, and keep those votes up. Both voting bonus increases and overall vote bonus numbers will be rewarded. Good luck to all of you!
    P.S. There will be additional, unannounced, prizes thrown in the mix. Even if you don't think you can hit the numbers, you should vote as much as you can to be eligible.

    Wastelands Reset Impending
    We've had delays with 1.13 due to drastic performance issues and after analyzing where we are at with the resources in the Wastelands, we're going to be performing a Wastelands Reset at the end of January. We will then do another reset with the update in the future.
    Exact date will be announced in a separate post soon. Start moving your stuff though!

    News from the Future:

    Events Reimagined and Resurrected
    We are looking to break away from the perceived monotony we've had and possibly bring in some players onto the Events Team that are like-minded towards hosting player events. Start thinking if this is something you'd be interested in. When we decide fully how to handle it, we'll announce.

    With that being said, the EMC Olympics are OFFICIALLY being added to the roster for early 2019. Despite delays caused due to command blocks, we are going to proceed the old-fashioned way because why not. You will be allowed to choose which server you wish to represent, but it must be the same for all events participated in. No alternates will be allowed. Family members on an approval basis only. I have no details on exact timeline, so keep your eyes to the forums around the end of January/beginning of February. (Krysyy has to move into her new rental and get her dragon's lair set back up beforehand.)

    Stairway to Heaven is also slated for early 2019 as well. Possibly something to complete over spring break for all you parkour fans who love to torture yourselves. This is a heads up =)

    Empire Shop is Returning in a LIMITED Capacity
    We don't know how limited yet, so no details. However, we agree that this is something we can bring back for the community and to resolve issues that some players have at limited impact to other players who don't have issues.

    More coming...
    We're looking forward to an amazing 2019 and we're doing a lot of brainstorming behind the scenes to rejuvenate EMC and bide our time while Aikar and the developers work on getting 1.13 performance issues minimized enough for an update. Nothing is anywhere near to announcement stage, so we're NOT going to open discussion to the community yet, but we're discussing the following in some capacity at minimum on the staff side:
    -What should be purchasable with tokens and associated exact prices they'd sell for
    -Changes to games server code/commands to allow mods to host more events requiring more powers
    -Reformatting welcome messages/intuitive interaction in chat
    -Achievement system for onboarding new players
    -Policy changes for road edits

    Here's to a fantastic start to 2019!
  2. Congratz comander xD
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  3. Cool! For a bit I was afraid this was a read-only thread... but I see we can still reply, great! :)
  4. yay! New promo, new member of the month, tons of great news!!

    Thanks Krysyy for putting this together
  5. glad to hear!

    as far as road edits.. i personally have 48 residences... with alot of derelict players as neighbors and i have been told i cannot made road edits even if theyve been derelict for over 100days...

    i personally would like to suggest that as soon as they go derelict you do not need their approval... as they are gone... granted it would be different if it was perm protected
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  6. Yay I'm so happy! Thanks so much!!
  7. This is not something open for community discussion at this time. So I will not be responding with anything more at this time.
  8. No problem, I understand it did not fall upon deaf ears though😊
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  9. Just a note up on 1.13 update instead of making a thread for it.

    1.13 has been one of the worst updates for Minecraft that has ever came out on the technical level. 4x worse than 1.8 was, and 1.8 was big.

    So many hours have been spent fixing tons of bugs and performance problems with 1.13, and even with tremendous amount of effort, there are still some elements that we can't fix (only Mojang can). Our upstream (Spigot) has also been making matters worse being extremely careless in the project, making bad decisions, creating lots of volatility in the stability of the server software.

    Overall, It's very good that we haven't updated yet. I hear horror stories every day the night mares that 1.13 has brought to them from updating for performance.

    We will update, but we will want to really feel like things are as stable as we can get it before we do that. It's almost guaranteed that 1.14 will be released before we really get 1.13 done, so we of course will be immediately jumping towards that too.

    I don't think it makes any sense to skip 1.13 as 1.14 will have its own set of problems and plugin compat, so we will release 1.13 as soon as we can and then move on to 1.14.

    My hopes is that 1.14 will be less work for us to worry about on the Empire side of things, and that will enable us to let the rest of the dev team keep focus on the roadmap items.

    Sorry that this has been such a delayed update, but it's the cards we were dealt ._

    Update: April 23, 2019

    EMC will be working on the 1.14 update and has plans to skip over a middle-ground 1.13 release. This means that we will work on what we have so far on 1.13 to transition to 1.14, then we will return to the issues with 1.13 to hopefully resolve them. The timetable is dependent on the complexity of the 1.14 update on top of the previously mentioned issues. We thank you for your patience as we work to ensure stability in our development with current Empire features.
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  10. Thanks for the info :)
  11. thats a bummer about 1.13
  12. Thanks for the info - I look forward to 1.13 :)
  13. Thank you for all the hard work.
  14. So much great news, I especially look forward to the EMC Olympics.

    I appreciate the Dev teams hard work on bringing out 1.13. I've heard that there's been many issues with that update to where even mods for MC are having issues updating to 1.13. Till it is implemented on EMC I will be patient and enjoy 1.12 and look forward to the fresh wastelands when the reset happens.

    I also appreciate all staffs and teams hard work for both in game and forums, thank you all for what you do!
  15. Most importantly congratulations to gaming comander. Well deserved!

    Thanks to Krysyy for this news update as it is nice to hear what’s moving ahead, and thanks to Aikar and all the rest of the team who has made the Empire a great place to enjoy!

    Happy New Year all!
  16. OMG EMPIRE GAMES!!!! and stairway WOOOT

    Im coming for you kevdudeman!
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  17. will practices be a thing this time?
  18. Not open to discuss at this time.
  19. Lots of new changes! Im looking forward to them all!