Empire Minecraft News: January 2019

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  1. Omg the empire shop I'm super excited for this! hopefully the materials can be within market value so EMC can have a ton of builds emerge again!
  2. It's very exciting to see some of the new plans for EMC... Hyped!
  3. Was just gonna say would it be better to just work on the next version of minecraft instead? But I guess 1.14 is the next update and that hasn't dropped yet. :p
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  4. Big things I cannot wait to see come back :)

    #BringBackNostalgia ;)
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  5. This actually brought tears of happiness to my eyes :D

    First off, congratulations to Gaming_Comander! Well deserved. Keep up the great work :)

    Second... 2019 is looking good for EMC! I look forward to seeing new staff and team members. :) If you enjoy writing, I definitely encourage you to apply for Contribution team. ;)

    Thank you to everyone for making the EMC community amazing :)
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  6. Cool update, Congratz Comander!
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  7. I enjoy this new system for its organization and management, so kudos to you guys! Congratulations to Commander for the MOTM, he really deserves it :D I look forward to what you have in store for 2019! I came back early 2017, late 2016 and have really seen this server grow, and it gives me pride to know I am a part of this amazing community!
  8. Wastelands reset is at the end of this month, and will be reset again when 1.13 comes out. Common sense would say that the 1.13 waste reset would be far later, as there is no point in even resetting the waste when an update is so close.

    It's final, my predictions for the 1.13 update is MARCH 25TH
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  9. News from the Future . . . Fantastic.
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  10. I've been super busy with work and school and my long commute and my puppy so I'm in no rush for 1.13, but I have some great zoo and shop updates waiting in SP to make their way onto EMC once everything's ready for them. :)

    Also I know you're still working it out but I would love to see bat eggs return to the Empire Shop - those little buggars are so hard to catch in the wild! :p
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  11. Welp; this means the end of Cowland is impending. I will finally return to Town!

    At first - I never expected to be so established; then I thought Cowland would be there forever. Now ... the end of the World Waste is Nigh.

    Come visit Cowland! SMP4, Waste North, then head North! If you hit the barrier you passed us!
    You can take the train! SMP4, Waste Northwest. Then, uh, I think the station is north? Hop on - 37 minutes later you'll be here! Have a lovely view of the barrier as you go!

    Look for the cows!

    That "Waste West" label is wrong. It is Northwest. I did not label all the homes. They include mine, DancingDraw, Bosoc, ZanDarkin, Dunstun, avelaae, GravityBuster, CommandingConqueror, spikehike, BennyGamer, Jellyfish2015, Moonglum_, and likely others. It's a wonderful eclectic mishmash of builds, styles, and improvements (some are more of "improvements").

    And I love it.

    I live here.

    This is my home...

    ... Cowland

  12. Nooooooooooooooooooooo... BTW I’m not BennyGamer
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  13. Hello all, I wanna say, I just finished the contribution team application, and I just wanted to say Moople inspired me so much to do it, so do it!
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  14. Congrats Gaming_Comander!
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  15. Thank's for working so hard on this update for all of us aikar! Hopefully there will be some time for a nice long rest for you after the empire updates!
  16. So we will be going to 1.13 then going to 1.13.2? Or strait to 1.13.2
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  17. You are doing a great job Aikar and Dev team, as much as we like to have updates, we also like stability so if we have to wait a little longer then so be it. At least we will know it works when we are updated.
  18. im sooo happy
  19. Well deserved Gaming_Comander! :)

    Aikar and Dev team thank you all for your hard work and contribution to keeping EMC up-to-date, it takes a lot to keep going on such a frustrating project!
  20. Straight to 1.13.2
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