Empire Minecraft News: January 2019

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  1. I build in the waste all the time! Sometimes when I'm bored I go out there with nothing but armour and a couple tools and build a base or two all complete with at least a pretty house, auto-furnace, stable, and a farm :p
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  2. It was half challenge, half liberation.

    I went to the waste with nothing (and still have most of it left!) as if it were a brand new survival world. That was the challenge.

    The liberation was knowing any mistakes in planing or execution would be gone in a few months, so why worry?
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  3. Any new news on update 1.13? just very excited and wonder everyday...LOL
  4. Will 4gig of ram be able to run minecraft anymore and have stable fps let's wait and see
  5. If the rest of the system is capable enough, I can say from my own experience that, yes, 4 GB is still enough. :)
  6. I predict at the end of April start of May mabey
  7. I predict tommarow.
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  8. One of these days, this prediction will be correct.
  9. Has to be.
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  10. They reset the waste so that probably means at least a month maybe more.
  11. Resets are done on a schedule of their own. Really they have nothing to do with a version update. It just happens that one is also done with an update so that all the new additions will be present.
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  12. It just seems that if the update were close they'd just put off the reset until then. Why reset the waste then turn around a couple of weeks later and reset again? Maybe it's not a big deal but for me, that wasn't a hopeful sign.

    I guess we can always come back to this thread and see which one of us was right though.
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  13. I believe that was the case a few years back. Waste was reset and then a month (or a bit more) reset again to get the new items. The waste reset is it's own thing regardless of anything else really. Things like version updates are the main thing that add another waste reset. It's best to just assume a waste reset is just that unless otherwise mentioned.
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  14. So...is Member of the Month still happening? I believe Gaming_Comander has been "it" for a couple months now. Not that I am wanting someone else to be "Member of the Month," (Gaming_Comander is awesome), just wondering :)
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  15. Yea #Villager4MOTM
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  16. We will see haha
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  18. Woah what are those horrid images xD I knew something was coming that was the day u got MOTY
    Yea moty member of the year xD
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