Empire Minecraft News: January 2019

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that, you’ve been around for a while and it’s sad to see you go. But if EMC does update to 1.14, I better see you basking in the update features :p
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  2. I hate to be a negative nancy, but I was afraid this was going to start happening. The 1.12 client is scaring away new players and current players that want to play 1.14. Id hate to see EMC die due to being stuck on 1.12.
  3. While it is certainly always better to play on the most current version, accessing all of the new features, it isn't solid reason to leave EMC for not being up to date. All the world is on speed, can't we wait a bit? I naturally can and do not mind playing on 1.12 for a bit longer. Appreciate the work of all the EMC dev team!
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  5. I've noticed recently when logging into "other mini game servers" they recommend version 1.8, go figure. EMC is the only survival server I play on. I did try another server once but it wasn't on the same level as The Empire. I guess the only way I will ever leave is if EMC shuts down for good. I'm fine on 1.12 and actually love the fact the villagers haven't changed like they will when/if the update happens.
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  6. You dont mind and I dont mind playing 1.12, but it will hurt the player base as a whole.
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  7. Empire News: January 2020 coming soon?
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  8. ooooh i hope so!
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