Empire Minecraft News: January 2019

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  1. Well I hope everything goes well for aliker and all the dev team

    Remind your self to take a brake sometime and don't forget to breath
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  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  3. I'm glad you made you laugh.
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  4. Cowland will be gone :( - Rip 2019
  5. 3 Things I Want to Say:

    1: CONGRATS BrOnY_cOmAnDeR U FiNaLlY dId iT

    2: Thanks to all the devs for working so hard on 1.13, some of us are a bit impatient, (me) but news have OFFICIALLY come out, and hooray for wasteland reset!!!!

    3: Happy 2019, and hopefully everyone has a good EMC this year!!!(although its a bit late)
  6. In the next week? Waste reset?
  7. Probably next week
  8. It looks like Mojang has created their "Windows Vista" of Minecraft versions...

    Slow, buggy, glitchy, and all kinds of other issues that exist in between. I've played on 1.13 Minecraft servers and the performance is just abysmal...

    I hope that Mojang gets their act together and fixes 1.14's performance before it's release, but seeing how they're turning into Microsoft themselves, I guess that's too much to ask...
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  9. I'm okay with staying in 1.12.?? for as long as needed for 1.13 bugs to be worked out, before jumping to 1.14.

    I can only AFK fish due to my computer's hardware and performance issues (the one I'm on is a ten year old laptop, older than my machine that has soder melted all over the boards), so for me, I'm okay with waiting. Gives me time to save up for a better computer that can handle those updates.
  10. I don’t mind... I don’t wanna leave all of these mods in 1.12.2 alone..!
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  11. I just hope I don't lag a ton, I've tried 1.13 out on a few other servers and it was beyond laggy i couldn't even type without freezing.
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  12. It was reset?! Yay!
  13. Not yet, but it will be. Warning post expected after the event today.
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  14. What do we want :forge to update
    When do we want it : well as soon a you can
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  15. Yeah, same. Lots of data was added in, and 1.13 is very buggy, meaning one wrong excute could wreck the project. No pressure, aikar and devs :)
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  16. I don't think I missed it. But there is not a hard date announced for a Waste reset. Correct?

    This will be my first one... How much warning is there going to be? 12 hours or 1 hour.
    Just wondering about going to the Waste right now...
  17. I believe an announcement is always broadcasted on the forum and in-game at least 24 hours before the reset. :)
  18. Wasteland reset notice has been posted! Time to take all builds in the wastelands down, yeah?
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  19. just wondering why didnt you build it in the frontier. every time you go into the waste it warns you they reset it.
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  20. For fun, I guess. :) I've done it as well, and so has ShelLuser.
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