Empire Minecraft News: January 2019

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. What happened to the rest of the news months?
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  2. Im sure they are just busy, running a server takes time :p
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  3. I think the main issue with that is that Krysyy has too many responsibilities for one person. EMC misses a third admin.
  4. Honestly I have to agree with you
  5. Thefriedmans for admin lol

    Any news?
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  6. I say next month or june
  7. I'm never too pushy for news, I get it if it's hard to bring anything new to us :p
    I just want our MOTM to be updated; I've been running for it since I joined the forums and now it's too late for me because I am too inactive rn to make the cut </3

    Hopefully things aren't too stressful for you guys, I know it will work out in the end though! :D
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  8. Have we gotten closer or is it still more of the same?

    Just looking for any sort of update at all on 1.13 progress :)
  9. Hope things are going well with the coding dev team so much to updates with more to come with 1.14 Keep up the good work your doing great ;)
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  10. Still some big issues to tackle. With 1.14 released today, we will be moving on to jump straight to that skipping the horrible 1.13 version.

    This doesn't mean progress starts over. Just means we do the normal 1.13 -> 1.14 work, then continue solving the 1.13+ problems on top of 1.14.

    Hopefully Spigot didn't make anything harder.
  11. So with possibly skipping 1.13, will we have 1.13 qualities or how will that work?
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  12. Sorry I'm just alittle confused on what you mean by your statement
  13. Yes, we will. As Aikar says, after the differences between 1.13 and 1.14 have been accounted for, they will resume working on making 1.13 work (which then means that 1.14 will be done as well).
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  14. You mean the 1.13 items, yes we will, it's just the bug fixes, from past experience we are better to wait for the bugs to be resolved
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  15. ETA on 1.14? or timerange?
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  16. Not available.
  17. Thanks for the update Aikar! =D I for one am delighted that we get to linger a little long on 1.12.2 instead of diving head first into the mess that is 1.13 but I must admit... the anticipation is building and I'm so excited about the update. =D
  18. Very bittersweet! I was actually kinda hoping for this, some of the farms I wanted to build needed 1.14 features as well. Sadly the opposite is also true, some of the features in 1.13 that I wanted to use aren't in 1.14. :( I think my super XP farm designed to take #1 on the leaderboards might not work in 1.14 :((((
  19. Aaaaaahhh I really wanted 1.13 to be released so I could finally go to my wild outpost and have some real new fun there, now we'll have to wait even longer... Oh well. :p Good luck with fixing all the new, and old, issues. :)
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  20. I wish we could just stay at 1.12.2 :( lol
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