Empire Minecraft News: January 2019

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  1. If there were still too many bugs, it wasn't done completely, I'd say. :p
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  2. Hello! i was just wondering if there was an estimate for when 1.14 is released? Thank you :D
  3. We really cannot predict a precise time period for when EMC 1.14.x arrives, other than that it will happen after 1.14.3 is released to fix more bugs and performance issues.
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  4. Hehe ok thanks! :)
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  5. when will the update ever come out ;/
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  6. Kudos, you guys are amazing I don't know how you do it, making the best Minecraft on the internet.
    As far as I am concerned you can take all the time you need to get it right and I know it will be better in the end.
    New stuff is always a bit intimidating and a pain to make adjustments. Keep up the great work and a positive attitude.
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