Empire Minecraft News: January 2019

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  1. Whew, that was a close one!!

    For a moment there, I really thought the server was upgrading to 1.13.

    I'm glad you guys made the right choice and decided to skip the mess that is 1.13 altogether! :D
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  2. Well the price of iron will go up majorly so get Afking
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  3. Not really.. It'll just take a bit more for villages to be around the iron farms cause they'll not need doors anymore to activate a village it's all about beds and villagers workshops..
  4. Great update.. I really want 1.14 :D Hope it comes together fairly easy.
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  5. I’m honestly hoping it gets delayed. Iron farms have been nerfed to the point where they aren’t with building in vanilla, so even less so on EMC.

    It takes 20 villagers in vanilla to get 90 iron per hour if nothing’s changed since the last pre release, meaning it’ll be too slow to be worth it on EMC especially with the entity cap. And the villagers had to have used their work station in the last in game day.
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  6. Well least the iorn farms are safe for now!
  7. What happens with multicolored signs? Since you can now change text color in vanilla (but only one color per sign :()
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  8. While I can't predict what we will choose to do with that, I can tell you that if there are any changes to either Vanilla or the current system, when we eventually update to 1.14 the Devs will post a full changelog as per usual detailing all the EMC-specific stuff we did to make things work with our server. :) Always helpful to read through those in full as they come out.
  9. I'm really looking forward to the update finally coming. I was beginning to wonder if the server was going to get stuck on 1.12.2. I'm also keen on the golem changes... maybe people will start getting back out and mining now! Best of luck Aikar and devs...
  10. Excited to fight some pillagers and illagers in the name of the empire :)
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  11. I know it! This really feels like a good "flavor" step for EMC. Now there is a potential for the feel of Illagers being barbaric tribes invading our lands, and we have to go out and fight them to keep our resources. And as the wastelands are reset, it's almost like we are discovering new lands as fast as they are, and are constantly fighting for the territory!
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  12. Will the servers be down while this is happening?

    I mean for a extended period of time
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  13. 1.14 appears to be a nightmare, I cannot see EMC updating for some time, lighting bugs, lag bugs, entities disappearing. No one wants that, so glad EMC has not updated yet, keep going Dev's your doing great
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