March Member of the Month: cTJx

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  1. Congratulations to our March 2018 Member of the Month: cTJx!

    cTJx is well known for their contributions to the forums, particularly in posts that show support and a relative calm nature, even in the most tense (and sometimes awkward) situations. Always willing to share their own experiences and knowledge, cTJx can often be found offering advice and information to players who ask questions on the forums. They are known to be both courteous and witty; making forum posts that promote a fun and friendly atmosphere. During March especially, cTJx has shown their desire to support others and offer helpful and lively discussion on many threads, never missing a step to show somebody that at least one person is out there who is reading what they have to say.

    Congrats again!

    For more information regarding this recognition, please refer to the announcement thread here:
  2. Grats, well deserved
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  3. Congrats cTJx :D
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  4. GG

    Thanks for making EMC an even better community
  5. Congratulations cTJx! Well deserved :)
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  6. Congratulations TJ! :)
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  7. Congratulations :)
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  8. Congrats cTJx
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  9. Congrats cTJx!
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  10. Congrats on member of the month cTJx! :D
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  11. Congrats cTJx!! =D
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  12. Congrats to ya cTJx you deserve it :)
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  13. Congrats cTJx!
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  14. Grats! Well deserved :)
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  15. Congrats on MOTM!!!
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  16. Congrats TJ :D!

    You can put yourself on the list now ;P
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  17. Congrats!! Very very well deserved :)
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  18. Wow, thank you so much! I’ll write a proper thank you once I’m home, but this is super awesome :)

    Thank you!

    hehe kinda strange putting myself on the wiki
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  19. Oh? Interesting. :) Congratulations, Crazy! :) (how should I call you? cTJ is so long when adressing you personally :p)
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  20. Crazy is wonderful, reminds me of my old self :p
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