Supporting the Empire

Jan 14, 2018
Supporting the Empire

  • General Information(top)

    Iron, Gold, and Diamond supporters are players that help keep the Empire's servers up and running by donating. For information on the perks that supporters receive for supporting, please visit the Upgrades page.

    Supportership is an automatic reoccurring month-by-month payment that can be canceled on the Upgrades page at any time. The perks will not run out until the End of the month if your subscription is canceled early. So, if you would like to support the Empire for only one month, you can start a subscription and then immediately cancel it. This is the preferred way of supporting Empire Minecraft.

    Players may also support with certain one-time payments. Permanent Derelict Protection Vouchers and Supporter Vouchers can be purchased without the need to pay monthly. The upgrades page has details about these options.

    What happens when my supportership expires?(top)

    For information on how your supporter perks can change after your supportership has expired, please visit the Post Supportership Information for a complete explanation.

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