Commands: Residences

Aug 24, 2021
Commands: Residences
  • This page lists all Residence-related Commands.

    Parameters in "[ ]" are optional, while parameters in "< >" are required.

    Residences Commands(top)


    • /claim [number] - Claims the current residence you are visiting. It must not belong to anyone, and you must have an open residence slot (use /res list to determine whether you do).
    • /res unclaim [number] - Unclaims your residence, which DELETES EVERYTHING within it, AND takes away your ownership of the residence.
      • Note: In order to prevent overuse, you need to wait one hour after using this command before you can unclaim another residence.
    • /res info [number] - Displays detailed information about the residence you are visiting or specify.
    • /res current [number] - Displays minimal information about the residence you are visiting or specify.
    • /res unstuck - Moves you outside of the residence you are visiting.
    • /res tpset - Sets the spawn location for your residence.
    • /res tpsign - Sets the teleport location of a teleport sign. Read the Feature Signs page for more information.
    • /res changeowner <new owner> - Transfers residence ownership to another player without resetting the residence. This will cost both players 25,000 Rupees. There are specific rules and requirements, which can be found on the Residence Selling Rules page.
    • /entcount - Tells you how many present entities (animals, mobs, armor stands, and dropped items) there are within the residence you are standing on in the Town or an area in the wilderness.
      • Shortcut: /entc
    • /res forceclaim [number] - Force-claims a derelict residence, deleting all of its contents. A 5,000 rupee fee applies unless you are a new (less than 3 hours old) player.
    • /res reset [number] - Resets your residence, which DELETES EVERYTHING within it. You will also need to solve a small puzzle before your residence will be reset (to prevent players from accidentally rapid accepting).
    • /res changebiome [!number] <biome> - Changes the biome of your residence in exchange for 5,000 (10,000 on Utopia) Tokens.
    • /res back - Takes you back to the last res you teleported to.
    • /res list [player] - Lists all of your or another player's Residences. If no player is specified, your Residences will be shown.
    • /res list <+tag> - Lists the Residences that have a specified residence tag. Read the Residence Tags page for more information.

    Residence enter/leave messages(top)

    • /res message default [argument] - Resets all res messages. Available arguments are:
      • owner - Sets the messages to "Welcome to [owner]'s Residence" and "Leaving [owner]'s Residence"
      • address - Sets the messages to "Welcome to Residence [Res Number]" and "Leaving Residence [Res Number]"
      • name - Sets the messages to "Welcome to Residence [owner]-[#]" and "Leaving Residence [owner]-[#]"
    • /res message remove [enter/leave] - Clears the residence message and does not set a new one.
    • /res message <enter/leave> <message> - Sets the message shown to people who enter/leave your residence. Can only be used by Gold and Diamond supporters.
      • Color codes can be used within the message. For example, "&6Hello!" would display as "Hello!"
      • %player can be used within the message so that the username of the player visiting the residence shows. %colorplayer can also be used, which does the same, however, adds the color of the in-game username (example: blue for Diamond Supporter) as well.

    Giving/removing permission to do things on your residence(top)

    See the Flags and Flags - Advanced pages for more information.
    • /res set [flag1,flag2] [state] - Sets or removes a specific flag(s) on the residence you're currently standing on.
      • Example: /res set build false - Prevents players from building on your residence. Using "remove" defaults the flag to its original state as if it were never set, meaning using it instead of "false" results in the same outcome.
      • Example: /res set move,tp true - Allows players to enter and teleport to your residence. Again, using "remove" instead of "move" results in the same outcome.
      • You may also use a chest interface by using the command /res cset.
    • /res pset <player1,player2> [flag1,flag2] [state] - Sets or removes a specific flag(s) from a specific player(s) on the residence you're currently standing on.
      • Example: /res pset Player1 build true - Allows Player1 to build on your residence.
      • Example: /res pset Player2,Player3 move remove - Defaults Player2's and Player3's move permissions to the residence-wide state.
      • You may also use a chest interface by using the command /res cpset <playername>.
    • /res cset - Toggles Flags for everyone through a chest interface.
    • /res cpset <playername> - Toggles Flags for individual players through a chest interface.
    • /res mirror [!destination] <source> - Copies all the permissions from the specified residence to the one you are currently visiting or specify.
    • /res default [!number] [argument]- Resets all of your residence's Flags (permissions) to default. Available alternative arguments are:
      • area - Resets only the residence-wide permissions to default, leaving player and group permissions.
      • group <group name> - Resets only the permissions of that specified group to default, leaving all other permissions.
      • player <playername> - Resets only the permissions of the specified player. leaving all other permissions.
    • /togglepreview - Toggles preview mode, whether or not you can preview the contents of chests on a residence. This will only be usable if the residence has container:preview flag set to true. To disable this mode, simply type the command again.
      • Shortcut: /tpreview
      • /res set container:preview <state> - Sets the preview flag on the residence accordingly. Only Residences that have this flag set on true will allow /togglepreview to be used.
    • /res pcopy <fromPlayer> <toPlayer> - Copies all the Flags from "fromPlayer," and applies them to "toPlayer."
    After set/pset/cset, etc., you may include a res number or name after a ! to set permissions when you are away from it, like so:
    • /res set [!number] [flag] [state] - Sets or removes a specific flag on your residence while away from it.

    Using group permissions(top)

    • /res gadd <groupname> <player1 player2> - Adds players to a group, creating the group if it does not exist already. A player may exist in multiple Groups.
    • /res gdel <groupname> <player1 player2> - Removes players from a group, but does not delete the group when no members remain.
    • /res gset <groupname> [flag1,flag2] [state] - Sets a flag(s) for the group. The syntax is the same as pset.
      • You may also use a chest interface by using the command /res cgset <groupname>.
    • /res gremove <groupname> - Requires confirmation, and deletes the specified group completely (both permissions and users).
    • /res gcopy <fromGroup> <toGroup> - Copies all permissions, but NOT players, from one group to another.
    • /res glist [groupname] - Lists Groups, showing permissions given to them, and players in the group. Include a group name to show only the players in that group, or leave it off to show all Groups.
    • /res grename <fromGroup> <toGroup> - Renames a group. Permissions remain even when the name is changed.
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