Flags - Advanced

Sep 6, 2021
Flags - Advanced
  • This page explains more Flags that may be used, as well as some advanced Commands that pertain to the residence flag system. It is designed to be a continuance of the Flags page, so if you have not read that yet, please do so.

    Advanced Commands for setting Flags(top)

    Setting Flags when not standing on the residence(top)

    If you are not standing on your residence, but are still on the correct SMP, you can change residence Flags by adding an exclamation mark prefix and the residence name or its address to the set, cset, pset, or cpset Commands.
    • Example: /res set !1001 move f. This would set the move flag to false on residence number 1001.
    • Example: /res pset !1001 krysyy build t. This would give Krysyy the build flag on residence number 1001.
    • Example: /res pset !aikar krysyy build t. This would give Krysyy the build flag on Aikar's residence.
    • Example: /res cset !1001. Opens the GUI menu for residence Flags for residence 1001.
    • Example: /res cpset !1001 krysyy. Opens the GUI menu for Krysyy's residence Flags on residence 1001.

    Setting multiples at a time (Flags and players)(top)

    You can set several Flags for several players at once by adding the extra names and separating them with commas (without spaces). This can be applied to several Flags, several players, or a combination of players and Flags. This will also work for setting Flags while not standing on the residence (seen above).
    • Setting a flag for 3 players at once: /res pset Aikar,Maxarias,Krysyy move false.
    • Setting 3 Flags for 1 player at once: /res pset Aikar use,container,redstone true.

    Copying Flags to another player(top)

    You can also copy all the Flags from one player, and apply them to another. This is done using pcopy:
    • /res pcopy <FromPlayer> <ToPlayer> - Copy all the Flags from "FromPlayer," and apply them to "ToPlayer."
      • Example: /res pcopy Aikar Krysyy. This would copy all the Flags Aikar has, and copy them to Krysyy, effectively giving Krysyy the same Flags.

    Copying Flags to another residence(top)

    You can also copy all of the Flags from one residence to another. This is done using mirror:
    • /res mirror <ToRes> <FromRes>- Copy all the Flags from "FromRes" and apply them to "ToRes."
      • Example: /res mirror 100 200. This would copy all Flags from residence 200 and apply them to residence 100, so the Flags on both Residences would match.

    Gset: Setting Flags for Residence Groups(top)

    Using these Commands will give Flags to anyone in certain Residence Groups, which you can create. You can visit the Residence Groups wiki page to learn more about this mechanism, including how to add and remove Groups.
    • To give a flag to a group, use /res gset groupname [[flag1] true].
      • Example: /res gset myfriends build true; this would allow anyone in your myfriends group to build on your residence.
    • To deny a flag from a group, use /res gset groupname [[flag1] false].
      • Example: /res gset enemies move false; this would prevent anyone in your enemies group from coming onto your residence.
    • To remove a flag from a player (set it back to default), use /res gset groupname [[flag1] remove].
      • Example: /res gset griefers build remove. This removes the build flag from the griefers group; you would normally use this after you have already given a flag to someone.

    Explanation of sub Flags(top)

    Sometimes a residence flag controls a lot of different blocks. A good example is the container flag: this does not only control chest access, but also controls furnaces, brewing stands, hoppers, droppers, dispensers, and even beacons. In those cases, it is possible to give players access to a single block only, by using a sub-flag. Keep in mind that sometimes it may be easier to use Access Signs, but if you absolutely want to designate sub Flags, it is an option.

    For example, to give access to hoppers only, you would use the container:hopper sub-flag. Using sub-Flags works just like using regular Flags; the only difference is the parent flag:sub flag notation that is required or is shown.

    Overview of All Available Flags and Sub Flags(top)

    The Admin Flag(top)

    The admin flag was designed to be used for alternate accounts of the same person. The Admin flag includes every flag, as well as the ability to give players permission to delete the residence, change the Flags, etc. It is HIGHLY discouraged for sharing with friends.

    Example: /res pset Aikar admin t - This gives Aikar complete control over the residence.

    WARNING: Staff members may not be able to help if you give out the admin flag. If you give out the flag, you are giving that player the keys to everything you have, all at once.

    Construction / Placement Flags(top)

    • build- Allows the placing/destroying of blocks, lighting fires, placing liquids.
      • build:frost - Allows players to freeze water on your residence using boots with the Frost Walker enchantment.
      • Extinguishing a campfire with a shovel requires the build flag.
    • destroy - Only allows the destruction of blocks.
    • explode - Controls whether or not entities will explode on your residence.
      • explode:tnt - Controls whether TNT will explode (the animation).
      • explode:creeper - Controls whether or not creepers will explode.
      • explode:destroy - Controls whether explosions will cause damage to the surrounding terrain.
    • boat - Controls the placing/destruction of boats.
      • boat:place - Controls the placing boats
      • boat:destroy - Controls the destruction of a boat
    • minecart - Allows the usage/placement/destruction of normal minecarts
      • minecart:place - Only allows the placing of normal minecarts
      • minecart:destroy - Allows the destruction of normal minecarts
      • minecart:storage - Controls the placement/destruction of storage minecarts.
      • minecart:hopper - Controls the placement/destruction of hopper minecarts.
      • minecart:powered - Controls the placement/destruction of powered minecarts.
      • minecart:tnt - Controls the placement/destruction of TNT minecarts.
      • minecart:ride- Allows players to ride in minecarts.
    • place - Only allows the placing of blocks.
    • spawn - Allows passive mobs to be spawned through eggs.
    • combust- Allows setting entities or blocks on fire
      • combust:block - Allows setting blocks on fire
      • combust:entity - Allows setting entities on fire

    Use Flags(top)

    • anvil - Allows the usage of anvils
    • armorstand - Allows the usage of armor stands
    • bonemeal - Allows/blocks the use of bonemeal. The build flag must be set to true for players to use bonemeal.
    • bucket - Allows buckets to be used to collect or place liquids
      • bucket:fill - Allows the filling of buckets on a residence
      • bucket:empty - Allows the emptying of buckets on a residence
    • container - Allows the opening of chests, furnaces, dispensers, hoppers, brewing stands, and other storage items
      • container:beacon - Allows the modifying of beacons on your residence
      • container:brewing - Allows access to brewing stands on your residence
      • container:chest - Allows the opening of chests on your residence. Barrels are protected under this flag.
      • container:dispenser - Allows the opening of dispensers on your residence
      • container:dropper - Allows access to dropper blocks on your residence
      • container:furnace - Allows access to furnaces on your residence. Blast furnaces and smokers are protected under this flag.
      • container:hopper - Allows opening hoppers on your residence
      • container:jukebox - Allows access to jukeboxes on your residence
      • container:lectern - Allows the placement and removal of books from a lectern
      • container:preview - Allows players to use /togglepreview to look inside containers on your residence without the use of a [preview] sign.
    • createshop- Allows players to place shop signs without having the container flag
      • Note: Players with the createshop flag cannot place signs directly on chests.
    • flow - Controls whether or not liquids will flow on your residence
      • flow:lava - This flag only affects lava. It cannot be used with pset
      • flow:water - This flag only affects water. It cannot be used with pset
    • firespread - Decides whether or not fire is able to spread on your residence. It cannot be used with pset
    • firework - Allows whether or not Fireworks can be used on your residence
    • fish- Controls the public use of fishing rods
    • fsign - Prevents players from using Feature Signs on your residence
      • fsign:signcode - Prevents a player from using certain types of Feature Signs
    • ignite - Allows the usage of flint & steel, fire-charges, the Flame enchantment, and igniting campfires.
    • item - Controls the using, dropping, and picking up of items.
      • item:drop - Prevents players from dropping items on your residence. If item:drop is true, then item:pickup must also be true.
      • item:pickup - Controls whether or not a player can pick up an item
      • item:use - Controls whether or not a player can use an item
    • itemframe - Controls placements and removals in item frames on your residence. Also controls ability to break the frame but not place one.
      • itemframe:rotate - Allows players to rotate items in frames
    • mail - Prevents players from using the /mail command on your residence
    • pullentity - Controls a player's ability to pull other entities (e.g. cows) with fishing rods
    • redstone - Necessary for altering/destroying repeaters and comparators, as well as invering daylight sensors
    • shop - Prevents a player from using any shop signs on your residence
      • shop:buy - Prevents players from buying from your shop signs
      • shop:sell - Prevents players from selling to your shop signs
    • use - Allows the usage of doors, buttons, and similar items
      • use:anchor - Allows the usage of respawn anchors
      • use:bed - Allows the usage of beds
      • use:beehive - Allows the harvesting of beehives
      • use:bell - Allows the ringing of bells
      • use:button - Allows the use of a button
      • use:door - Allows the use of a door
      • use:gate - Allows the usage of gates
      • use:lever - Allows the usage of levers
      • use:target - Allows the usage of target blocks
      • use:trapdoor - Allows the usage of trapdoors
    • trade - Prevents players from using the /trade command on your residence
    • vault - Prevents players from using the /vault command on your residence
    • pressure - Controls a player's ability to activate pressure plates

    Movement Flags(top)

    • enderpearl- Allows people to throw and teleport with Enderpearls on your residence
      • enderpearl:chorusfruit - Controls the ability to use chorus fruit to teleport on a residence
    • fly - Controls whether or not players can fly on your residence (Utopia only)
    • glide- Controls whether or not players can gliding using an elytra on a residence
      • glide:boost - Controls if people gliding with elytras on a residence can boost their flight time using Fireworks
    • grouptp - Allows/Disallows people in a group to/from using the /gtp command.
    • horse - Allows/Disallows horses to enter your residence
    • move - Allows people to enter and use the command /v to visit your residence
    • namedtp - Controls whether or not someone can teleport to your Residence Locations
    • piston - Controls whether or not pistons work on your residence
    • tp - Controls whether or not someone can teleport onto your residence. If someone has tp and +move, they cannot use the command /v, but can walk onto your residence

    Animal and Entity Flags(top)

    • animaldamage- Controls whether or not animals take damage. It cannot be used with pset
      • Every entity has an animaldamage subflag. For example: animaldamage:dolphin
      • There are also subflags for animaldamage:adult and animaldamage:baby
    • buffs - Controls whether or not players, including the owner, can receive buffs while on a residence
    • eggify - Allows people to turn animals into spawn eggs with sticks
    • feed - Allows people to use wheat, carrots, and seeds to feed animals on your residence
    • kill - Controls whether or not animals can be killed by players. Subflags are the same as for animaldamage plus the following animal. Note that some animals might not be relevant to regular player Residences.
    • shear - Allows the shearing of sheep
    • tame- Allows the taming of animals
      • tame:horse - Allows the taming of horses
      • tame:ocelot - Allows the taming of ocelots
      • tame:parrot - Allows the taming of parrots
      • tame:wolf - Allows the taming of wolves
    • villager - Allows people to trade with villagers
    • dye - Allows dyeing of sheep
    • leash - Allows leashing entities

    Restricted Flags(top)

    These Flags are restricted from normal players, and can only be altered by Senior Staff members and Administrators. Note: These Flags will not be changed for you on your regular EMC residence(s).
    • damage - Controls whether or not player damage is enabled on a residence
      • damage:fall - Controls whether or not players are able to take fall damage
    • healing - Controls whether or not players can regain health on a residence
    • itemdamage - prevents or allows damage to items while on residence
    • monsters - Allows monsters to be spawned on a residence
    • pvp - Controls whether or not PvP is enabled on a residence
    • staticdamage - Makes all hits to a player deal a specified amount of damage, but is unaffected by factors, such as armor or buffs. Used in the Mob Arena and the PvP arenas
      • staticdamage:5 - sets the amount of damage to 5% of the total health points
      • staticdamage:10 - sets the amount of damage to 10% of the total health points
      • staticdamage:20 - sets the amount of damage to 20% of the total health points
    In Town you are given a 60x60 protected residence.