Mar 22, 2020
  • Subzones can be made within Town Residences to apply settings to one or more sections, rather than just applying them to the whole residence. A subzone acts as a mini-residence within the main Town residence. It can be used to change permissions, entry messages and teleport sets. This feature was released on December 15th, 2017 (thread).

    Uses for Subzones(top)

    A popular use of subzones might be, for example, granting someone Flags in an area (such as 'build' for a farm), when you don't want to grant the flag for the entire residence.


    In subzones, you can create main teleport points and Residence Locations as normal. To teleport to them, type /v <res>.[subzone]@[residenceLocation] (make note of the "." in between). With residence 2000, subzone "123" and residence location "456" in that subzone, the command would look like this: /v 2000.123@456. Of course, you do not need to use Residence Locations in this command.

    Enter/leave messages(top)

    Subzones can have their own messages for when players enter and leave them. The command syntax is the same for main Residences. See the Residences page for more information.

    Currently and possibly temporarily, only Gold and Diamond supporters can remove subzone enter/leave messages.

    Base Commands(top)

    Note that you may write "sz" instead of "subzone".
    • /res subzone add <name>
    • /res subzone remove <name>
    • /res subzone rename [residence] <subzoneToRename> <newName>
    • /res subzone remove [residence] <name>
    • /res subzone list

    Creating a Subzone(top)

    To create a subzone, a cuboid WorldEdit selection must be made on the chosen residence. There are two ways to make this selection. You can equip a wooden axe in your hand, type /toggleeditwand, and then left click to make the first point of selection, and right click to make the 2nd selection. Or, alternatively, you can use the //pos1 and //pos2 Commands.

    For more details on WorldEdit selection, click here.

    There is an approved mod available that acts as a client-side user interface for WorldEdit. This will allow you to see your WorldEdit selection more effectively. It is available here.

    Subzone Limits(top)

    The maximum number of subzones that a player can make is scaled by supporter rank. The limitations are as follows:
    • Non-supporter: 1
    • Iron: 3
    • Gold: 10
    • Diamond: 100

    Subzone Notes(top)

    • Any flag not set in the subzone will inherit the permissions from the subzone parent.
    • While entry messages can be customized in subzones, they still require Gold or Diamond Supporter rank to modify like they do on the whole residence.
    • Changing settings for a subzone will require you to stand in the residence, otherwise, you will need to use the 'verbose' residence targetting such as:
      • /res cpset !address.subzone1 Aikar
    • Subzones cannot overlap.
    • Subzone names are case sensitive.
    • You cannot set a biome for a subzone.
    In Town you are given a 60x60 protected residence.