Derelict Policy

Mar 31, 2023
Derelict Policy
  • Empire Minecraft has a derelict policy in place to ensure that there are enough Residences available for new players to claim on a server. Going derelict means that one's residence will become available to the system and it can be automatically reset/removed at any given time based on the need for open Residences. Additionally, after 6 months, your Residences will be available for other players to forceclaim.

    Derelict Status(top)

    The Derelict Status determines the maximum amount of days that you can be inactive (offline) while your Residences remain fully protected as usual. You can see your Derelict Status by using the command /p in-game. Regular players have a derelict time of 30 days, so they can be offline for at most 30 days before they risk losing their Residences (see above).

    New players start out with a shorter derelict timer that slowly builds up to 30 days. This is to make sure that a new player who only wants to try the Empire for one day will not keep a residence occupied for nearly a whole month.

    Derelict timer increases(top)

    These are the derelict timer values which new players have to go through:
    • During the first 5 days on the Empire, your Derelict Status will be 10 days.
    • After your first 5 days on the Empire, your Derelict Status will be increased to 15 days.
    • After your first 10 days on the Empire, your Derelict Status will be increased to the regular 30 days.

    Derelict protection(top)

    If you are going to be gone for a long period of time and you think your residence might be at risk, you can have protection placed on your account. However, do note that going away for a few days will not put your residence at risk (also see the table above).

    To apply for protection, you can contact any senior staff member by using this link: [PM Senior Staff/Admins].

    Also, keep in mind that Voting can help. It will reset the timer back to 10 days if you have gone below it.

    Another option to protect your Derelict Status is to obtain Permanent Derelict Protection. After using a Permanent Derelict Protection voucher, your residence(s) will be protected, and will no longer become derelict, regardless of how long you will be gone.

    Supporters are not subject to the policy(top)

    Active supporters are not subject to the derelict policy. This means that their Residences will not be reclaimed even if they don't sign in, as long as they are currently either of the three supporter ranks. When the supporter rank is canceled or runs out, regardless of when they logged in last, the players derelict timer will begin (i.e. they will have 30 days to log in to preserve their Residences).

    The Derelict Status of an active supporter's residence will be listed as "Protected (Supporter)".

    Additional information(top)

    Any player who is permanently banned will have their residence(s) reset after a minimum of one week. The one-week delay allows a banned player to Appeal a Ban if the ban was in error. If a player successfully appeals a ban that was not in error, they will still be purged; their Residences and their items will be gone.

    If you were a supporter that claimed multiple Residences before you downgraded, you will not lose your Residences unless you go derelict or unless you unclaim them.

    In Town you are given a 60x60 protected residence.