Residence Locations

Mar 30, 2021
Residence Locations
  • Residence locations (also known as "res locs") are a great way to easily set up warp points, which, when referenced, teleports users to specified parts of a residence rather than its main spawnpoint. Unless limited (see below), residence locations can be visited with regular teleport Commands that add the specific residence location's name to the End (e.g., "/v 1234 shop"), or through teleport-based Feature Signs.

    Location Commands(top)

    • /res loc list - Lists all of the residence locations used on your residence and their coordinates. The command is usable by the residence owner and all of the residence's admins.
    • /res loc set <example> - Sets a location as "example."
    • /res loc del <example> - Removes a location named "example."
    • /res loc rename <oldloc> <newloc> - Renames a previously set location.
    • /v ### <example> - Goes to residence number ###'s location called example.
    • /home <example> - Takes you to the location called "example" on your home residence. This also works for extra Residences, like /home 2 example.
    Note that the < > signs just denote that the location name must be specified, and they aren't included in the actual command.

    How to get to a set location(top)

    There are multiple ways to get to a residence location.

    As the owner of residence 1234, which has a residence location called "location," you only need to type /home [number] <location>.

    For other players, /v <1234> <location> is the command to get to location. If your residence uses a tag that is not shared with any other residence, players can also use /v +<tag> <location>.

    Feature Signs may also be used in conjunction with residence locations. Typing 1234@location on the second line of a teleport sign, with "teleport" on the first line, will allow you to activate the sign in any normal way, for both the owner of 1234 or any other player that places a sign.

    Restricting the use of residence locations(top)

    The use of residence locations is controlled by the namedtp flag; by default, this flag is turned on for your residence. This flag can be set globally, for the whole residence, or for individual players. Please see the Flags wiki page for more information on how to set Flags on your residence.

    Alternatively, you may set a location with an exclamation mark (!) prior to its name, making it so that only the residence's owner and the residence admins can access it. Please note that you need to specify the residence clearly for this to work. Example: /res loc add !<residence number> !<location>.

    When using admin-only locations, teleport signs to them should use "<residence number>@!<location>", with an "!" symbol after the "@" symbol.

    Amounts of locations available per residence for each supporter rank(top)

    • Free Members - 1
    • Iron Members - 3
    • Gold Members - 8
    • Diamond Members - 100
    For example, a Diamond supporter would be able to have 100 locations on each of their Residences.

    Examples of use (top)

    If Krysyy, the owner of residence 3004, wanted to quickly go to her underground storage using the named location "storage" to get there, she would type /res loc set storage where the room is to set the location. She would now only need to type /home storage to get to that residence location, or place a sign that says "teleport" on the first line and "3004@storage" on the second line to access it through a sign instead of through a command.

    As long as both the teleport and namedtp Flags are on, other players would also be able to type /v 3004 storage to get there. Other players would also be able to place teleport signs on their residence(s), which can teleport players to 3004@storage.

    In Town you are given a 60x60 protected residence.

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