Residence Bookmarks

May 4, 2022
Residence Bookmarks
  • Residence bookmarks store a list of Residences across all servers to easily view and teleport to. Bookmarks can only be used in Town.

    Residence Bookmark Commands(top)

    • /bookmark add <bookmark name> <residence> - Creates a residence bookmark.
    • /bookmark list [page]
      • Lists bookmarks in the Chat.
    • /bookmark delete <bookmark name> - Removes a saved bookmark.
    • /bookmark rename <old name> <new name> - Renames a bookmark.
    • /bookmark description <bookmark name> <description> - Sets a custom description for a saved bookmark.
    • /visitbookmark <bookmark name> - Teleports you to a bookmarked residence.
    • /bookmark - Opens up a chest GUI to view your saved bookmarks.
    • /bookmark help - Displays the help menu for bookmarks.
    You may also use /bm as a shortcut for /bookmark.

    Supporter Bookmark Limits(top)

    The maximum amount of bookmarks that you can create depends on your supporter rank.
    • Free: 20 bookmarks
    • Iron Supporter: 50 bookmarks
    • Gold Supporter: 100 bookmarks
    • Diamond Supporter: 300 bookmarks

    Page Icons(top)

    While viewing /bookmarks, Diamond Supporters may drag an item on top of the existing icon to set a new icon for that bookmark. You do not consume the actual item when setting an icon, but it will create a copy to be used for the icon.

    To reset an icon, hold down shift and right-click.

    Shields and Banners are not supported icons.

    This cosmetic feature will only apply when the Diamond Supporter rank is active on your account. If you cancel and renew at a later time, the same icons will be in place.

    In Town you are given a 60x60 protected residence.