Commands: Empire Assistant and Compass

Apr 3, 2018
Commands: Empire Assistant and Compass
  • This page lists all of the Commands relevant to the Empire Assistant, the menu which helps new players navigate some aspects of EMC, and the Compass, which uses the in-game tool to direct you to locations you set. The Compass can be operated by Commands or by using a chest interface which is opened with the relevant command below.

    Empire Assistant Commands(top)

    Compass Commands(top)

    • /Compass - Displays your location, the current target of your Compass, and the distance to it.
    • /compass distance - Displays the distance to the target of your Compass.
    You can also use /loc to display the above information.
    • /compass ui - Open a chest interface in which you can select where your Compass points to.
    • /compass spawn - Points the Compass to the nearest outpost around you.
    • /compass death - Points the Compass to your most recent death point.
      • This is done automatically as soon as you die.
    • /compass bed - Points the Compass to your most recently-used bed.
    • /compass set <x> <z> - Points the Compass to specific coordinates, where x and z are the respective coordinates you can see when you are using either /loc or F3 (the debug screen).
    • /compass current - Points the Compass to where you are currently standing.
    • /Compass north/east/south/west - Points the Compass in the specified direction.
    • /Compass home - Points the Compass to your home residence in Town.
    • /Compass res !<Residence-name> [loc] - Points the Compass to the specified residence and, optionally, one of the Residence Locations on it.
    • /compass player <player> - Points the Compass to the location of the specified player, if they are a part of your group (see Group System).
    The Empire has simple Commands for all of its features, starting with /assist for the basics.

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