Voters Boots

Oct 1, 2015
Voters Boots
  • Voters Boots

    Type: Armor
    Released: Feb. 19th, 2014
    Update: Voting Reward
    Obtained by: Obtaining a vote streak of 20
    Attributes: Unbreakable, Soulbound, Final, Voting Reward
    Enchantments: Protection I, Feather Falling V
    The Voters Boots is the first piece of armor to be awarded for voting, given at a streak of 20 votes. This piece of armor is enchanted with Protection I and Feather Falling V among the other attributes applied to voters gear. The other attributes always applied are Unbreakable, Soulbound, and Final.

    Note that the Voters Boots, like all voters armor, can be dyed and washed like normal leather armor without fear of changing the lore or enchantments.

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