Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock

Jan 27, 2017
Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock
  • Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock

    Type: Misc
    Released: June 1st, 2013
    Update: Event Item
    Obtained by: Miniboss Drop / Bought from Senior Staff or Community Manager
    Attributes: Final, Soulbound
    Lore: Redeem to an Admin or Senior Staff for one FREE Dirt Removal of your Residence
    60x60 Residences only
    The Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock is a renamed clock that can be redeemed to a Senior Staff member or a Community Manager for one free dirt removal from any of your 60x60 Residences. You can redeem two Dirt Destroying Ticking Tocks for one free dirt removal from a 120x120 residence on Utopia. There are currently two versions of this item, and both versions have the same name.


    The original Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock was offered as a final prize in vote-off contests. It did not contain the Soulbound or the Final attributes, nor the lore "60x60 Residences only." The original item also contained an added lore of "Forged in Maxarian Fires."


    The current Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock can be purchased from the Empire Shop, which can be visited by typing in /Shopworld, for 60k, or it can be obtained by killing either Marlix or Momentus, although the drop chance is somewhat low. They are also occasionally obtainable in events that are hosted by staff members.

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