Enraged Guardian Egg

Jul 14, 2017
Enraged Guardian Egg

  • Type: Egg
    Released: May 5th, 2015
    Update: Miscellaneous
    Obtained by: Eggification of a cured Enraged Guardian Villager
    Lore: Spawn Egg: Villager [NOTE: when eggified after 1.9]
    When Empire Minecraft updated to 1.8, a vanilla feature was added which allowed players to cure zombie villagers. Aikar, forgetting that Enraged Guardians can spawn as zombie villagers, updated the servers to 1.8 without blocking the ability to cure Enraged Villager Guardians, making it possible for players to eggify them.

    When spawned, the villager will maintain the Enraged Guardian name, and will share the same characteristics as a regular villager.

    This is obtainable by going through the curing process of zombie villagers and then eggifying the cured villager.

    Any Enraged Guardian eggified after the 1.9 Update will include a lore that reads "Spawn Egg: Villager."This is because of a 1.9 change, and will occur even if a 1.8 egg was placed and then eggified in 1.9. If a 1.8 egg is not placed, it will not receive the lore.
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