Shiny Flesh

Apr 15, 2021
Shiny Flesh
  • Shiny Flesh

    Type: Food
    Released: June 18th, 2013
    Update: Survival Updates
    Obtained by: Dropped by: Enraged Zombie, Enraged Husk, Enraged Drowned, Enraged Zombified Piglin, and Momentus
    Shiny Flesh is an EMC-exclusive food item, that, when eaten, gives the consumer the following effects:
    • Mining Fatigue III - 3:00
    • Regeneration IV - 0:05
    • Hunger - 0:30
    The regeneration effect it gives is very powerful, and will fully heal the consumer regardless of how much health the consumer has. It will drain the player's hunger very quickly, and will make hitting things a lot slower.

    The regeneration effect does not work within the PvP Arenas.

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