Enraged Drowned

Mar 18, 2020
Enraged Drowned
  • Enraged Drowned
    Class: Enraged
    Released: March 16th, 2020
    Update: MC Version 1.13-1.15.2
    Spawn: Overworld
    Health (HP): 30
    Impact of player settings

    General Information(top)

    Enraged Drowned attack like normal Drowned, but they are stronger and deadlier. They have 30 HP compared to a normal Drowned's 20.

    Unlike most other Enraged variants, Enraged Drowned run at the same speed as its vanilla mob base.

    They are immune to sun/fire damage and engulfed in fire particles.

    Enraged Drowned will spawn in the same conditions as normal Drowned, but are more uncommon.

    The drop statistics of the Enraged Drowned are not confirmed, but we know the following. Those listed are on top of regular drops, including the Nautilus Shell. The trident frequently drops, and in higher quantities when you are playing on a higher difficulty.



    Note: Based on difficulty 5. These tables focus on Custom Items. If you notice an error, contact MoreMoople

    There's an array of EMC exclusive mobs in the Wastelands and Frontier.