Enraged Silverfish

Jul 16, 2018
Enraged Silverfish
  • Enraged Silverfish
    Class: Enraged
    Released: June 30th, 2018
    Update: Survival Updates
    Spawn: Overworld
    Health (HP): 24
    Impact of player settings

    General Information(top)

    Silverfish is a hostile mob found exclusively on EMC. Its release was part of the second phase of the Survival Updates.

    This mob is a faster, stronger, and fiery version of the normal Silverfish mob. It is mostly invisible, but you can watch it move because its path leaves a trail of fire (in particle and block form).

    It can spawn from monster blocks, but also from some ores.



    Note: Based on difficulty 5. These tables focus on Custom Items. If you notice an error, contact AlexC__

    There's an array of EMC exclusive mobs in the Wastelands and Frontier.

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