Vault Voucher

Mar 30, 2021
Vault Voucher
  • Vault Voucher

    Type: Voucher
    Released: July 27th, 2013
    Update: Horse Update
    Obtained by: /promo, Various Events, Voting
    Attributes: Soulbound
    Lore: Gives 1 free vault page increase.
    This can let you exceed your max for your supporter level.
    Acquire 5 pages for free vault access.

    (Right click to redeem)
    The Vault Voucher, when used, will increase the size of a player's Vault by a single page without the 10,000 rupee fee. It can also be used to exceed the limit of Vault pages for a member's supporter level.

    The Vault Voucher is an easier-to-use version of the EMC Treasure Voucher, which was added in the 1.6.2 Horse Update, and the Stable Voucher was also released within the same update.

    EMC has a variety of custom-coded items for many uses.