Firework Voucher

Jul 4, 2022
Firework Voucher
  • Firework Voucher

    Type: Voucher
    Released: July 4th, 2022
    Update: Miscellaneous
    Obtained by: /shopworld and /promo iday2022
    Attributes: Soulbound
    Lore: Creates a custom firework with 2-4 colors

    (Right click to redeem)
    The Firework Voucher was released alongside the Independence Day Firework in 2022. When used, the Firework Voucher will open a prompt with several dye colors.

    Two to four of these colors can be selected to create a Custom Empire Firework. Just like the Independence Day Firework, the resulting Custom Empire Firework will have a random pattern for each color every time it is launched.

    The Firework Voucher was first available as a promotional item in /promo iday2022 and can also be bought in /shopworld for 25,000 Rupees.

    EMC has a variety of custom-coded items for many uses.