EMC Treasure Voucher

Mar 9, 2024
EMC Treasure Voucher
  • EMC Treasure Voucher

    Type: Voucher
    Released: First Mob Arenas/Wild Hunts
    Update: Event Item
    Obtained by: Various
    Lore: Congratulations, you have found an EMC Treasure Voucher

    Redeem to an Admin for a FREE Vault page increase, or auction it.
    The EMC Treasure Voucher was the first version of the Vault Voucher. When redeemed to an administrator, you can gain another Vault page at no cost.

    The EMC Treasure Voucher was originally obtained by winning some of the first Mob Arena events or by finding them as treasure (hence its name) in wilderness treasure hunts. The early versions of this voucher were actually empty maps, which some people destroyed by right-clicking while holding them, turning the vouchers into paper.

    The voucher was replaced by the non-predominant Vault Voucher in the 1.6.2 Horse Update. Before the introduction of the Vault Voucher, the Treasure Slip briefly replaced the EMC Treasure Voucher.

    In early 2014, the Mob Arena had its doors re-opened, and the EMC Treasure Voucher came back as a prize for the "No Armor/No Gear Zombie Maze" event that Bigdavie held. The last EMC Treasure Voucher was awarded on Monday, March 17th, 2014 in one of these mazes.

    EMC has a variety of custom-coded items for many uses.

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