Sole Mates

Feb 14, 2021
Sole Mates
  • Sole Mates

    Type: Armor
    Released: February 14th, 2021
    Update: Promotional
    Obtained by: /promo vday2021 and at /shopworld
    Attributes: Final, Soulbound
    Lore: Feel the love in your sole!
    ♥Happy Valentine's Day 2021♥
    Enchantments: Soul Speed IV, Unbreaking III
    Sole Mates are a special pair of diamond boots, released to celebrate Valentine's Day of 2021.

    When worn, it gives an extra heart (+2 max health points), in addition to its unbreaking III letting it last a long time, and its soul speed IV allows you to walk quickly on soul sand and soul soil.

    It has the Final and Soulbound attributes, meaning it cannot be modified and will not drop on death.

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