Labor Bench

Oct 16, 2016
Labor Bench
  • Labor Bench

    Type: Misc
    Released: August 30th, 2013
    Update: Seasonal
    Obtained by: /promo & Empire Shop
    Lore: 2013 Labor Day Promo Item
    (Open Workbench without placing)

    The Labor Bench is a crafting table that is released to celebrate the American Labor Day Holiday of each year. The bench was originally released in 2013, and has had one variant each year since. When right-clicking with the item in hand, it will open a crafting table GUI without placing the bench, although the placing animation is shown if used when looking at the ground.

    Each year, the Labor Benches have different colors used in their titles. The 2013 Labor Bench has a green title, the 2014 Labor Bench has an orange title, the 2015 Labor Bench has a blue title, and the 2016 Labor Bench has a pink title. The creation of the 2013 Labor Bench was also live-streamed by Aikar on August 29th, 2013.

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