EMC Peppermint

Mar 31, 2021
EMC Peppermint
  • EMC Peppermint

    Type: Misc
    Released: December 25th, 2020
    Update: Promotional
    Obtained by: /promo peppermint
    Attributes: Unplaceable, Soulbound
    Lore: Put a little pepper in your step
    The EMC Peppermint is a special target block that was one of the items released to celebrate the holiday season of 2020.

    When held and right-clicked, the Peppermint gives a 10-minute boost of Speed III, which can be used every 4 hours. It cannot be placed.

    The Peppermint also has the Soulbound attribute, meaning that it will not drop on death.

    EMC has a variety of custom-coded items for many uses.