Stretchy Pants

Nov 28, 2021
Stretchy Pants
  • Stretchy Pants

    Type: Armor
    Released: November 26th, 2021
    Update: Promotional
    Obtained by: Shopworld and /promo thanks21
    Attributes: Final, Soulbound, Unbreakable
    Lore: Thanksgiving 2021 Promo
    "There's always room for more pie!"
    Enchantments: Blast Protection X
    Stretchy Pants are a promotional item that was released on November 26th, 2021, for Thanksgiving. They could be obtained by typing /promo thanks21, and were also sold at /Shopworld for 20,210 Rupees.

    Stretchy Pants are netherite leggings with Blast Protection X, a high-level enchantment that is not obtainable in vanilla survival. They are also Final, Soulbound, and Unbreakable, meaning that they cannot be modified, dropped, or broken.

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