Guidelines For SYLP Posts

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  1. This forum is dedicated to having our members share their Minecraft Let's Plays with our community. As the community grows, it's clear that we have a lot of people willing to share their "Youtubeing Talent" with people to get feedback and entertain others. Since this has the opportunity to get out of line pretty easily, we're setting some general guidelines that must be followed when posting.

    1. First and foremost, videos you post can not be advertising other servers, which includes server reviews. A brief mention of what you're playing is fine if it's a large dedicated server to a very specific gametype, such as MineZ for example, but doing a Let's Play on another survival server, for example isn't acceptable. Let's Plays on EMC are of course fine. Other than that, the general idea for these are either adventure maps or single player "Let's Plays".

    2. Only create ONE thread for each "series" you have. For example if you're doing an adventure map called "Herobrine's Super Adventure", you would only make one thread and post updates and new episodes to that thread as replies instead of making a new thread for each episode.

    3. Of course any overly inappropriate videos will be completely removed, but if your videos have things like crude language here and there or things/themes that others might find offensive listening to or watching, please give a disclaimer in your opening post stating so. Something like "Video may contain some suggestive language" would be good.
  2. oh nice, can't wait to see what you guys post! :)
  3. This will make it easier to follow up on videos from different members.
  4. Ooooo imma be Watchin this thread
  5. Cool might do something like this Lats play MC :p
  6. Ah I haven't made a post for my Girl vs Wild series thread for a loooooooooooong time so should I make a new thread or post on the old one and ask to change the genre xD
  7. Moved for you. Feel free to just continue it. :)
  8. Thanks ICC :D
  9. Question; Must the let's play only be minecraft? May we do seperate games?
  10. The idea was primarily Minecraft games, but I suppose I don't see the harm in other games as well.
  11. Neat! Thanks for the quick reply. :p
  12. Oh sorry >_< I thought because it was in Empire Extras then this category was similar to the Gaming one where people talk about other games.
  13. No need to be sorry. It's not a bad thing, just not something I thought of at first. :p
  14. so does this mean i can make lets plays of the empire?
  15. Sure you can. :)
  16. I'm thinking on making- well, I AM making a Minecraft cinematic on a random SP world; are these allowed even though they're not really "Let's Plays"? Also, since all the videos on my channel will be cinematics, should I plop 'em into all one thread, or should they have their own thread for each individual as they take 1-2 months for me to make them?
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  17. Sure, that'd be fine. Since there wouldn't be a ton of them to post and will have their own 'theme' per video, they could be their own. :)
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  18. ok great! thanks
  19. I can bump this thread because it's pinned anyway :D

    I have a privately hosted server and I really enjoy hosting so many different events on it. Can I post a thread for people to join said events in the events thread and post the recorded videos of them here, under a lets play Empire Events or something?
  20. Question. Is a lets play on Realms aloud?