2018 Changes: New Forum Trophies and Titles!

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  1. In September we created a post asking what you wanted a few of the Trophies to be named. Using those suggestions and staff brainstorming, we have come up with 68 NEW forum trophies you can achieve. These are staggered throughout the previous trophies and serve to help balance out the points received by players for being on the forums for a set amount of days. These levels go far past what anyone has achieved as of this point, and are an incentive to remain actively posting and liking other players' posts. (You should be spammed with any that you had already reached that level for.)

    In addition, we have added more titles that will appear, based on the level of trophy points you have. To keep things interesting, we've decided to not actually tell you what those titles are. Instead, you'll get to learn as the first player reaches that level every time. It will make the journey so much more fun!

    -EMC Staff
  2. Woo, new titles! Thanks staff! :)
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  3. Sweet
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  4. I wondered why I suddenly had twenty-one Alerts for trophies.
  5. Elite to Esteemed to Dedicated all over the course of 30 minutes :p
  6. YAY more new stuff
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  7. Where is list of all total titles?
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  8. 2018 Krysyy spams everyone event =P
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  10. Awesome! Thank you! Venerable member! :D
  11. Ahh thought this was the case when I got a bunch of alerts.
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  12. Same here! I was just like, how could I get 10 more alerts in less than 2 hours xD
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  13. that was alotof alerts
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  14. I was like "wow.. I must be popular" ahhahahah
  15. Thank Krysyy for doing the pain-in-the-neck job of documenting all of them, coming up with the vast majority of them, and then filling them in for two hours. We mostly just sat on our butts laughing at joke ideas while occasionally contributing meaningful suggestions as much by accident as intent.
  16. Can't say I mind getting 29 alerts; it makes me feel loved :p
  17. That moment when you get 20 new trophies and titles at once :eek:
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  18. wooo!

    EDIT: Nope, still distinguished. Oh well.
  19. Sixty-eight?? :eek:
    So that's why I've got 54 alerts!!
    I'm going to check out the new trophies right away! :D In the list, though, not in my alerts... as I don't want to mark my other alerts as read yet. :p
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  20. Haha, great new names and descriptions!!
    And I'm still not particularly fond of how trophies work... but I guess, after adding the trophies for 2-5 years in a (in my opinion) bad way, this was the best way to fix it.
    Good job! :)
    Now to figure out the order of titles. ;)
    Edit: Didn't want to triple-post... ;)
    I won't list the amount of trophy points for each, as I don't even recall the early ones, and I should have breakfast.
    But at... second (?) sight, it seems like the order is now like this:
    New Member
    Edit: 42 points = EMC Hitchhiker 👍
    Active Member
    Well-Known Member
    Distinguished Member (forgot about this one at first, oops)
    Prominent Member
    Elite Member
    Esteemed Member
    Dedicated Member
    Revered Member
    Venerable Member
    Legendary Member

    At least, I assume that Legendary Member has been changed to be moved to the end. I'm glad these new ranks were added in time to do that. :)

    It's a bit of a shame I missed out on two titles, though. :p