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Aug 17, 2014
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Only 2 days from reaching 1000 votes. Oct 6, 2017

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Dec 11, 2017 at 6:21 PM
    1. SantaSpud
      1. MissFable
        Hi Spud.
        Oct 13, 2017
      2. SantaSpud
        Hey :)
        Oct 13, 2017
    2. MissFable
      Only 2 days from reaching 1000 votes.
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    3. AyanamiKun
      thx so much for ur bids on my reverse auction, I really appreciate it!! makes me seriously uncomfy 2, i never had gear that cheap b4 ^.^ thx again!
    4. SantaSpud
      1. MissFable
        Aug 27, 2017
    5. jkjkjk182
      Lol saw your message just as I alt-f4'ed my MC instance. Hi! Was just barely making it in to reset my derelict status D:
      1. AyanamiKun and MissFable like this.
    6. MissFable
      The cat is not dead, but it's not alive yet either.
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      2. DiceyInAction
        Schrodinger's Cat paradox.
        Jul 12, 2017
    7. MissFable
      Drop shoot is now pretty not that anyone will see much going full speed toward the ground.
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      2. MissFable
        Next up is either trying to repair the surrounding area or adding a 3rd chest room.
        Oct 20, 2016
      3. ChristmasTower
        Well next time I'll take the shoot and try to get a glimpse of the decorations.
        Oct 20, 2016
      4. MissFable
        Good luck with that ;)
        Oct 21, 2016
    8. MissFable
      Drop shoot is now functional so one can at least exit the farm quickly. I will be making it more aesthetically pleasing later.
    9. MissFable
      The new elevator is up. I will be adding a drop exit soon and rebuilding the landscape so our surroundings no longer looks like a war zone.
    10. 1NationUnderGod
      your too awesome for me not to follow :)
    11. MissFable
      This has been a weird summer for Texas; I think the ocean is trying to reclaim the south-eastern quarter of the state.
      1. Kytula likes this.
    12. MissFable
      An explanation in case anyone has noticed I have not been on as much in the past week. See reply.
      1. MissFable
        I apologize but I may be experiencing the return of a medical problem and it has been consuming my free time.
        I will not be on as much during the next week but hopefully I will return to my normal schedule once I have a definitive answer (which I should have by Monday).
        Jun 14, 2016
    13. MissFable
      Now in the Top 50 lifetime texp
      1. 1NationUnderGod
        I can guess u are even higher now?
        Sep 28, 2016
    14. megmewX
      good luck :D
      1. MissFable likes this.
      2. MissFable
        Thank you :)
        May 16, 2016
    15. MissFable
      The effort to secure the area continues; more spawners are locked and our adventurer is joined by a new ally in her fight against spiders.
    16. MissFable
      Well theirs good news and bad news.
      1. MissFable
        The bad news is: it will probably be a bit longer before the farm is completed and I'm definitely going to have to go through with hiring an adventurer to help out.
        May 14, 2016
      2. MissFable
        The good news is I have found and with some temporary assistance secured (locked) multiple spawners in the same general area which means with a little design reworking this might be quite the prolific little farm :D
        May 14, 2016
    17. MissFable
      Cave spiders are evil; I don't think I have ever died so many times consecutively.
      1. synth_apparition
        I made a grinder for those. They got me through the gap in between the blocks. Lost all of my stuff for a few weeks. Eventually went back and got that stuff. Then died in lava about 2 minutes later and actually did lose all of my stuff. :cc
        May 14, 2016
      2. MissFable
        I've been sticking to my voters gear with just enough torches and food to get me between deaths.
        May 14, 2016
    18. MissFable
      The design for the skittering dark is almost complete.
      1. MissFable
        After trying out several designs in single player I decided making a slight variation on a classic cave spider farm with some extra features.
        May 12, 2016
      2. MissFable
        At this point I'm just working out the details of the aesthetic theme
        May 12, 2016
    19. MissFable
      The nether rail is done. I will be extending it out further once the farm build is done but for the moment it will make construction easier.
      1. MissFable
        I ask that no one goes looking for it just yet I don't want anyone (whose not helping with the build) running around the build site until it's done
        May 12, 2016
    20. MissFable
      The nether rail is going fairly smoothly so far (meaning I haven't died yet...)
      1. kevmeup likes this.
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