2018 Changes: New Forum Trophies and Titles!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. I agree. I don't like the idea of it at all.

    EDIT: I agree with Krysyy too.
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  2. Cool I just got 11 trophies
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  3. I felt super accomplished.. and then I saw this post ;)
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  4. You should still feel super accomplished. This is giving you the credit that you deserve. :)
  5. I am posting to say yay! And so I can see my little status
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  6. Congratulations to anyone who has been awarded the Pizza Hut Award of Excellence
  7. I am the cheese in the macaroni, which begs the question "who is the macaroni?"
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  8. Well, when you look at it like that... Perspective.. it's great thing lol.
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  9. My thought was "what on earth did I do last night? Did I start a forum flame war or something?"
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  10. I skipped a title but oh well... :cool:
  11. What was the maximum again, in the past? I forgot. I recall there being a saying "Welcome to the [283] club", but I'm not sure about the number.
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  12. 218. :) Felt good to have that golden 218... *looks at people with 10x that now*
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  13. I concur with the hamster and I somehow became Elite now I am so happy :p
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  14. I woke up wondering how I got these :p
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  15. So this would be the reason for my alert spam today! ;)
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  16. Let me guess, JackBiggin's responsible for this one.
  17. Who had the idea that i was hitchhiking home for the holidays?
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  18. Same here xD